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Oh baby, remember when we first met? I was doing my thing in the keep when I spotted you with your ex. It was love at first sight. With your ex out of the picture, I promised to show you the world, occasionally spoiling you with that titanite you love. Got kinky in the dungeon, went climbing in anor londo, spelunking in capital, flew to the peak, dont forget that surprise trip to the ringed city. As we sit here under the lunar eclipse, I just wanted to say that you were so good to me. And I'll never forget you. (273+287)
The description is wrong, it says "Inhuman strength is required to wield this heaviest of curved greatswords." not 16 strength LOL
That’s 16 dex you walnut



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downright still my favorite weapon 4 years after release
This thing hits like a freight train on a 30 faith 30 int build with a dark infusion.
is this weapon still good in pure STR builds ?
I’ve started using this for the first time after assuming the wrong thing for 2 years. I thought they nerfed it’s scaling to make the harald the best CGS they even gave it the S scaling with heavy after removing it from the exile now I find out the exile is still the strongest CGS. They handle weapons so strangely sometimes