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reminds me of the tesuiga from inuyasha
For Riven cosplayers
For people that try to use this weapon it is VITAL to remember that the first R1 attack will swing at a diagonal angle causing it to sometimes miss short enemies. This includes but is not limited to dogs, Dwarfs, lizards, and other pesky smaller enemies.
this item, together with the other similar curved greatswords with the same moveset (murakumo etc.) are pretty good in pvp due to their wide attack range making it very hard to dodge without blocking in comparison to other heavier weapon types.
I've had great success with a Carthus Greatsword in PVP so far. Got about 10 kills to 4 deaths, and in most of those deaths I was outnumbered or ganked while fighting mobs. Even had one victory where two Aldrich faithful tried to double team me with an ultra greatsword and bandit daggers and they only made me drink one estus charge. The only enemies I fear are the ones who are using either the thrusting swords or a curved greatsword.
only problem is it can be reaction parried...
Got it +7 heavvy atm and didnt expected I will switch from Ity Sword to greatsword. good dmg, ggood speed, good stunlock, cheap upgrade


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Amazing weapon choice. I used this with a heavy gem for high strength scaling and applied Carthus Flame Arc (The only spell I ran Pyro for). This weapon alone carried me to end game. Just look out for enemies who have slightly higher range (Halberds, etc.) and fast attackers.

Pros: -Good scaling, high base damage.
-Fun Moveset (Wide slashes, vertical 2H power attack)
-Early game find

Cons: -Very heavy
-Horrible time against very fast attackers
-Not the best reach
Being a heavy or fast weapon makes no difference against what you're fighting, you just have to get your strategy right. Saying the weapon doesn't work well against fast hitters is untrue. Once you nail the enemy, they're snagged and have a hell of a time breaking loose. It's all about timing your attacks and making them count with these weapons.

It solely depends on your build: heavy for STR, sharp for DEX, refined for Quality.
I don't know how scaling works but is it better with refined gem or sharp gem or heavy gem? i'm planning on using it to the very end of the game.
the hyper armor of the weapon essentially leaves it as having only long-ranged weapons as a weakness. even still, with heavy gem at +6 it has B scaling in str, AND has a weapon art that can absolutely decimate enemies and players with its staggering power.
This weapon does the most damage with the sharp gem, I compared the damage on my 40/40 build.
I assume it's better suited for the Heavy Gem (due to a higher strength requirement) but would Sharp Gem still be worth it for a dex build? Thanks in advance.

It solely depends on your build: heavy for STR, sharp for DEX, refined for Quality.
Sharp is actually better than Heavy on this one. More scaling. If ur dex and want this weapon going for base Str and rest in Agi seems like a good idea. Though it seems optimal with a qualtity build.
Sorry I *****ed up, I answered to the wrong comment.
best way you can go with this weapon is to refine it and go quality
Sharp is better then Refined even in a 40 STR 40 DEX build.
With such stats:
No infusion: 552 AR
Heavy: 482 AR
Sharp: 578 AR
Refined: 568 AR
This weapon dosnt do much dmg for me when compared to normal longswords. Sure it does says it do a lot but I see myself giving the same number of swings and since its slower it ends up really being a drag..
It does for me on a quality 40/40 build with sharp infusion. Not a TON more, but enough to make it a very viable and deadly weapon.
I have died by the hand of second npc before loot it... So it's gone for me?
It should show up where the NPC spawns.