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What get chosen from older games to get into the newer ones is generally the "most memorable" ones. Sometimes it means the most stylish, the most unique, or the strongest. Black-knight weapons in DS1 were definitively on the "strongest" type of memorable. They could carry you from 1st area (undead burg) till last dlc boss (manus) if you were lucky enough to drop them from the non-respawnable black knights that serves as kinda of mini bosses in DS1. Justified by the plot as being the weapons used by Gwyn knights to fight enemies much bigger than themselves, those weapons deal more damage, break guard more easily and stun more easily than anything on the same weight class. They also do bonus damage against all demons for plot reasons. In DS3, all of this is still true, except that the drop rate is much smaller, but the black knights are respawnable. It still do more damage, break guard more easily and stun more easily than anything on the same class, and still enjoy bonus damage against demons. It can't be acquired as early as in ds1 (needs to go to road of sacrifices), but still can carry you till the end of the game. It's a fantastic weapon against friede, soul of cinder and judicator boss.
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R1->R2 may not work but it's pretty easy to bait an invader, pretend like you don't know they're behind you, and when they go for the backstab, hold R2, hit them with the backswing, turn the camera and send them to neptune
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Houston we have liftoff
By Anonymous
Ah, old friend, how I missed you
By Anonymous
1. Host of embers thinks he can get a hit in time to interrupt my charged r2 with this weapon.

2. The r2 connects.

3. "host of embers was not an impostor".
By Anonymous
pariere das du dreckiger Casul
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The 2HR2 deflects off the entire carpet in the dancer arena, just letting it be known so you guys don't die as embarrassingly as I did a few minutes ago
By Anonymous
Same with the BKGA
By Anonymous
Just happened to me today lol, I was so mad about it
By Anonymous
So, yes, I'm here to rant, but not for the reason you may think.

See, I got bored with other games in my catalogue and thought to myself, "Hey! Steam is doing their annual summer sale! DS3 should be alive and kicking, let's do that!" So, I started playing again after a long, long break.

Now, let me briefly establish my bona fides: Prior to the break, I'd beaten through multiple courses of NG+ (I'm on NG+6, I think?) and every game before that. When that got old, I spent most of my time up at Pontiffs chilling with fight club bros, which is to say that I'm no slouch in PvP, I admit I'm not the best, and I'm not a poor sport about losing. Losing is just an opportunity to get better.

To the point, then, where I've just been reminded (by sad, hard experience) that:

1.) From Software nerfed the GK UGS 2H*R1+R2 (charged) wombo combo. Apparently, the back swing was nerfed so that kids can roll out of it now, and the weapon no longer true combos. I *CAN* complete combo with it, but I suspect that I'm catching summer sale kids rather than it being anything I'm doing.

2.) From Software gifted the world weapons like the RKPGS sword, or the Splitleaf Greatsword, for the dead easy L2 into wham bamb thank you mamm combo.

Yes, yes, I realize there are ways to counter these weapons. TO BE CLEAR: I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE WHO USE THESE WEAPONS. I regularly make RPKGS users my *****, so that's not the problem.

The problem is this:

Why, by all the gods, WHY did From Software nerf the GKGS wombo combo, which arguably requires skill and weapon mastery to execute properly, but they go and leave (or create anew) weapons like these and a few other stun-locking-meme tier weapons unmolested?


Why does From Software hate UGS users so much?
By Anonymous
yup it's ridiculous, now all strength users just go around with their paired greatswords thinking they're the ****, the BKGS used to be fun to play with and took skill to land the combo.
By Anonymous
A couple of comments mentioning 2h R1 + jumping attack is a true combo. My favourite but not a true combo is R1 + R1 + Jumping attack. The amount of duels I’ve ended due to people naturally rolling backwards once hit by the first two R1’s only to get caught by the massive vertical jump range. (I found this out by someone doing it to me with Astora great sword and practised ever since)
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