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Why is it brown then? GOD DAMMIT
Because it belongs to a Black Knight, hence Black Knight Greatsword. It's not a Knight Sword that is black
it's red.
Dried blood
Because of rust
Is this a one shot thing or do they respawn?
Farming this sword 2hr now. Every kill he dropped piece of armor and shield and when only sword is missing he drops nothing ;/
killed a black knight about over 120 times and got 5 of evry piece from the set
Farmed him in the from the Bonfire before Abyss Warden...dropped 2 Swords, 1 Shield, 3 armor parts (boots missing)
They respawn
Why nerfed FUGS with lower dmg got S rank and this weapon only B rank on strenght with higher dmg (at max upgrade)than FUGS?


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You cannot apply buffs to this weapon though.
^ correct. FUGS had its base damage gutted, which has made its S scaling not as potent. The BKGS has good AR for an ultra and it's poise damage is noticeable against large enemies in PVE
I think the scaling is based on the weapon base damage. For example, at 40 str, my Vordt's Greathammer+5 with C scaling has nearly as much scaling damage as my Zweihander+10 which has A scaling. However, Vordt's has 320 base damage, Zweihander only has 245.
With 361 item recovery
Launching a Black Knight into the air with the charged R2 felt so right.

Got this sword as well as the shield, a lot of leggings, and the chest by farming at the bonfire before Abyss Watchers. Took 20 minutes with 7 luck and no coins/rings.


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is it good with a quality build? (40/40)
Works wonders in pvp. Just bait them into the two-handed charge attack and combo it with a lunge; profit.
"Dropped by Black Knights wielding this weapon" would be nice if there were examples of where these specific guys exist.
In the untended graves, after champion gundyr, theres 2 of them
Road of sacrifices, where you get the sellsword twinblades
Just farm for it at the untended graves. Shouldn't take too long
there is one at the bridge after the grassy area with the basilisks in the smouldering lake demon crypt
The two-handed charged r2 consumes less stamina when fully charged than when just tapped. Maybe it's a bug? This is the only sword I've seen do that, but I didn't test that many others. Anyway, this sword is awesome.