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By Anonymous
I got a drop of the vertebrae offline in the Demon Ruins of the Smoldering Lake. The drop came from one of the skeletons with red eyes and dual wielding small blades near the giant crossbow.
By Anonymous
Just confirming I got this one too.
By Anonymous
Thank's for the tip man! Was it the skeletons on top where the Arrow Turret is at?
By Anonymous
The baby crows also accept them as offerings, I acquired the calling gesture as well as a helmet, spoiler:Lucatiel's Mask
By Anonymous
can confirm, the first skeleton to the left after the catacombs of carthus bonfire drops them, got one after about 5-7 attempts
By Anonymous
I think you mean after the Abyss Watchers bonfire?! Like shown in the video that was linked on this page yesterday? ('m at 30 kills with no drop of Vertebra Shackle.Must be bad luck? or patched?or idk... skeleton fell off the bridge three times and I was unable to loot even after quitting the game and reloading -.-I only seem to get a guaranteed titanite Shard with a chance for a Large titanite Shard (got 1 or 2 so far, not sure how many I had before),Carthus Curved Swords and Carthus Shields
By Anonymous
oh nvm, I got a Vertebra Shackle to drop, right after I got another (my first, excluding the one from Hodrick) shackle from pvp.coincidence?! :D
By Anonymous
Drops from skeletons with the curved blades in catacombs.
By Anonymous
sacrifcial altar what happen when I give him the vertebra shackle
By Anonymous
You can increase your standing with Mound-Maker covenant. It's useless if your are not into PVP. Better use it to trade with the crow.
By Anonymous
Just curious guys, what "Item Discovery" you got guys? Base or upgraded (and if, by what means - armor, coins or plain Luck stat raising.) Thx!
By FatalSnake92
My luck is at 15 with symbol of avarice and shield of want. Got a lot of sunlight medals pretty early but took work. Got 2 vertebrae shackles, one from Hodrick, one from skeleton. 30 wolf blood grass and maxed watchdogs standing I think. Even with 15 luck and the items it still takes work. I don’t mind though because I get drops to sell and souls to use. So yeah, skeletons with red eyes in catacombs, I can confirm they drop them.
By Anonymous
With 335 item discovery (Gold serpent ring +1, Crystal Sage Rapier and Symbol of Avarice, 10 luck), I'm getting about 1-2 every 15-20 minutes from the 3 skeletons close to the Catacombs bonfire.
By Anonymous
Invade smouldering lake. 50% of the time you can just sit in a quiet corner and wait for the Host to die.
By Anonymous
are you playing in "offline" mode, or farming in online mode, because it has been an hour and half at item discovery of 345 and I haven't even seen 1
By Anonymous
And here I am, with 474 Item Discovery, getting lucky even getting 1 every half hour. Averice, Goldy +1, Sage Rapier, and 99 luck. Seems I have no luck anyway. Not like I can get them any other way at SL190 though.
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