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By Anonymous
need 25 someone who help i help too if needed or if some have bonus +2 covetous gold ring thanks <3 psn : w00ryParadox
By Anonymous
I need a bunch too. Can do it now if you haven’t done it already?
By Anonymous
thanks done <3
By Anonymous
I did the purple summon sign thing while farming 30 of them in the catacombs, I don’t recommend it.

Best way to farm these (pre-Elden Ring) is invade from the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire. Run ahead to the bridges where the Harold Knights roam and sit down to wait for the host to die. If they make it up to you, drop them an ember and Black Crystal out. Or fight. Either option is acceptable; you’re a mad phantom after all.
By Anonymous
Looking to farm 21 more of these. neurot89 on PSN (EU servers I assume), hit me up
By NoFantasy
Hey i just sent you a request. Psn is NoFantasy91. We could help each other.
By Anonymous
Looking to farm 24 more of these, if you help me I'll help you. Psn is cadeofspades
By Anonymous
Hey, neurot89 on PSN here, I need roughly the same number, hit me up
By NoFantasy
I have the same issue. My psn is NoFantasy91. If you want to help each other.
By Anonymous
Op here, already got some help with this, good luck everyone
By Anonymous
If you're looking for these, just go to pontiff overlook and summon the mad dark phantoms on the ground for 1v1 pvp. You'll get a shackle for killing them. I got 30 in one sitting. Didn't take too long and I was having fun.
By Anonymous
Anyone still looking to farm these? Psn is liekr

working towards the platinum and need 18 more of these
By Anonymous
Looking to farm some up on my end, deedlit_lodoss_w
By Anonymous
Can people shut up about multiplayer shackle farming in here? There are way better places to ask than a wiki
By Anonymous
Do somebody want to help each other? PSN (EU): Auli8x
By Anonymous
Looking for someone to help each other and get rid of these.
PSN: CasketFreak
By Anonymous
Sent you a request, lmk when you wanna farm. Dr-Ghostington is the PSN
By Anonymous
Looking to farm shackles on PS4 on NA server, PSN darkstormwolf
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