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By Anonymous
Step 1) get enemy to 30 HP
Step 2) wait for them to pull out parry wep
Step 3) full charge 2H Heavy
Step 4) watch them try to parry it
Step 5) Laugh
By Anonymous
this sucks do not upgrade this weapon this is so slow u can not even use it without a shield it also sucks with a shield becuz enemy would run away before u even hit him to slow
By Anonymous
Maybe, just maybe, you don't know how to use the weapon :)
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ah yes.. The ultra rapier
By Anonymous
DS2 did lances better, that is all.
By Anonymous
I just can't get this **** to work for me. I can get behind many things - slow moveset, low poise, lack of attack variety... But this godawful tracking on R1s just kills me. I can freeaim, sure, but it's very hard to do with a spear-type weapon.
By Anonymous
My boy... look how they massacred my boy
By Anonymous
I fought this one guy and we both lagged horribly but by some miracle I lived though the lag, I almost killed him afterwards but he had tears of denial on and began to quick step spam and after about 10 seconds of driving into him I managed to prevent myself from being backstabed and finally killed him
By Anonymous
So just what exactly are the various poise breakpoints on this weapon?
By Anonymous
2 handed R2 has poise, charged 2 handed R2 can not be parried, you can trade with infinitely with anything smaller than a greatsword and halberd, while you can only trade once with greatswords and halberds, those are the biggest you can trade with.
By Anonymous
Bruh this weapon is slow af imma just stick to the Lothric Knight spear
By Anonymous
R1 is not to be used as your main attack, it's slow and easy to be parried, only time you'd use R1 is when you know you'll land the hit or sheild poke, it's R2 you want to use as your main attack especially 2 handed R2 as it has poise and kicks in real fast.
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