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By Anonymous
Isn't this the Heide Greatlance?
By Anonymous
Yes it is, but it hasn't the lightning base damage
By Anonymous
is this a quality weapon? or does one scaling get a B rank?
By Anonymous
No it's C/C at best
By Anonymous
where is this weapon?
By Anonymous
lothric castle bonfire right before the two dragons guarding the bridge. if you are looking at the bridge, turn left and at the end of the path there is a knight guarding it
By Anonymous
WTF FROM?! this isn't THE LEGENDARY GREATLANCE! it's the friggin weak *** Heide Lance! it doesn't even have lightning damage on it! GIF OP GREATLANCE!
By Anonymous
Here, here!
By Anonymous
+10 lightning does 113 physical and 154 lightning. D str D dex A faith scaling. At 40 faith I get an extra 135 lighting damage
By Anonymous
weird moveset, you could miss the hit while the foe stands very close to you.And every strike you made CAN be parried.the RB strike, the RT strike, the Charged RB strike... even the Weapon skill, CAN be easily parried, for the first strike of all the lance made is a light hit, which is easy to encounter.let alone its slow attack speed and damage
By Anonymous
Why the ***** remove this tip?!
By Anonymous
While 2-handed, the minimum strength requirement is 14.
By Anonymous
FROM really needs to fix this weapon and make it actually useful. It is extremely slow to start up its first attack; by the time you actually get to start the animation, most of the enemies in this game will either attack you first with equal range, i.e. Lothric Knights, or enter in a block stance, i.e. Cathedral Knights. The damage is too low for its current speed; when this weapon only does around 310 for an average attack speed that is slower than the great weapons, it doesn’t make much sense. Even though the range is fantastic, when enemies can actually move out of the stun of your first attack and then proceed to attack you BEFORE your second swing, something is SERIOUSLY WRONG. Speaking of speed, when your R1, or light, is much slower than your R2, or heavy, that there is also a problem.To move onto a different point, this weapon is the Heide Great Lance and should do lightning damage if they are going to use the same model. Sure, split damage is weird to get a grasp of in terms of how damage reduction is in this game, but please make it so that the damage type is similar to the actual weapon in DS2. If they wanted to use the name “Great Lance” they should have just used the actual Grand Lance from DS2, they literally mean the same thing.I’m pretty sure that there is more that I’m missing that needs to be fixed with this weapon, and the PvE in general (cough, enemies getting out of stun before the second hit, cough), but you guys in the chat should be able to provide even more points that need to be fixed.
By BjorntheBear
Great and Grand do, in fact, have different definitions... Also, if From tweaked all the slow weapons to be faster and all the fast weapons to be slower (just read the comments on every weapon ever,) there would be ZERO variety in encounters. I think they should take away all ultra great swords and make great hammers swing as fast as straight swords, then remove bows (because they should reduce the range, it's complete nonsense that someone can hit me from 27 yards away, make them face my estoc spam like a man)
By Anonymous
@BjorntheBear While great and grand have different definitions, I was just commenting that perhaps they should have named this particular lance something else or use the model of the "Grand Lance" from DS2 since the meanings are so close anyway. Second, while I was complaining that the attack speed is slow, which it should be since it is a very large weapon, I was specifically saying that due to its speed, enemies would get out of hit-stun faster than the recovery of the first attack and the animation for the second attack thus making the weapon incredibly situational and hard to play with. Your sarcasm is not justified for a proper argument. If you want to rebuke my argument, please do it in a respectful manner with actual thought. Thank you.
By Anonymous
The lance plays off of poise. Poise affects your characters recovery rate to react. The recovery rate, as I found it to be, is affected by your equipload to poise ratio. More equip load is not necessarily bad if your poise is matching. You wil find your character will respond better when the poise is as high as possible to the best defense you can get at best roll. This is why the lothric spear has the poise advantage, therefore better hit recovery rate. i dont really care what fextra says, ive tested it many times
By Anonymous
A minuscule advantage for having poise.It's turned off, we should all accept that and hope that changes.Hopefully it does.
By Anonymous
so that explains why i lol at estoc users in pvp..if i get caught in r1 spam i just roll away and set up a parry or wep skill with my shield...or block and poise isnt worthless
By immortal
can you make a video on it please let mess your stats and your ring because i love the wolf ring but i dont now if it will actually help oowww and explain it because reaction speed i dont get what that mean
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