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It says that this weapon was melted, and the handle seems to be the Dragonslayer spear with the blade snapped off and a bent handle. In addition, compared to the handle, the blade looks like it was added on later. Could this be someone's attempt at repairing the Pikachu Spear?
Pikachu spear? really??
Then the guy who repaired it did a bad job... tried to repair a spear, and ends up with an axe! :D

(ps, Pikachu Spear is fine. We're talking about a community that dubs pvp fighting techniques "ravioli step" after all...)
This with some buff attack rings and 40str 40faith wrecks!
I have over 700 ar wonder were it will be at 99 str 99 dex :)
your health would (most likely) be too low for you to trade the necessary blows to wield a greataxe
So this is the only STR Faith good weapon?... Don't get me wrong, I'm over 750 dmg and one shoting everything in NG+ but I wanted more weapons...
I'm running a lightning infused Astora Greatsword right now. It gets S scaling in faith after infusion. It isn't the best by any means but it has a great moveset and is really fun.
It doesn't scale *that* well with Faith, but for a STR build that only invests a little in faith in NG, it's an amazing weapon and it's L2 is is *crushing* in PvE and PvP
this is a boss weapon, it's meant to be unique and slightly overpowered.
Use broken sword +10 and suprise ppl. Or just by bare(bear) hands
mornes great hammer
one handed or dual handed its still worse. AR with one-handed is 685, while BKGA is at 695. I guess BKGA has the highest AR out of all weapons atm after the nerf to FUGS. Still trying to find another weapon with > 700 AR though :(
with buffs i hit 900 longsword
To be clearer, DGA has above 700 AR if we simply combine the physical AR with the lightning one. BUT after flat damage reduction it only deals about 95% as much damage as the BKGA (because of dual damage types). Tested on the summoned soldier that gives 4k exp each in Archdragon Peak. (330 vs 340 damage per hit)
Best weapon ever. so much dmg.
4 Weapon Arts Killed Gundyr (Not Champion) in NG+
5 to kill dancer in ng+
Took me six whacks with R1 at +5, this thing is eating everything in NG+ alive.
I was looking forward to getting this weapon, but sadly it's a complete disappointment. I don't particularly care what it's stats are, I'm just pissed that the long handle has been cut short to this pathetic looking axe handle, instead of the halberd that it was originally.
You're wrong. That's another weapon. In Archdragon Peak you can find the Dragonslayer Spear
Op. Does not listen thoce ignorents are BLIND DlCKS. Because dragonslayer armor had that weapon as hellberd. And i had no idea why the ***** it became an axe
You are so wrong it's not even funny. Dragonslayer spear is an entirely different weapon