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can you trade this item, i mean can be dropped, than picked up by others ?
The grind for this thing is awful because i have to fight spear ghrus..
I also hate spear ghrus, they just don't lower their shield at all.
can confirm this was the easiest covenant item farm in the entire franchise, got 28 in like an hour or so (already had two)
had all three ghru drop a swordgrass more than once, too
Think I like Farron Keep Perimeter the most as a Melee. Sure the darkwright are annoying. But I got around 15 swordgrasses when I got 10 Pale Tongues. Might take 6 hours to farm the rest for now.
This covenant item farming is actually the legit worst in any game I've ever played. Like holy hodrick how can i kill those guys by the perimeter with Sage rapier, coins, and gold ring +3, run 8 times in a row and none of the enemies drop a single item. Not a shard, no gem, no wep or shield, no grass at all. From Softs rng relies wayyyyy to much on a higher power to literally come down and physically bless you.'re not even supposed to be getting them this way. They're a reward from a PvP covenant, what do you expect to happen when you try to cheap it out by farming low drop chance enemies because you can't be arsed to actually do it the proper way?
RNG actually worse than EA's
The giant Ghrus wielding trees seem to have better drop rates for both this item and heavy gems. I haven't done testing to see if it's more efficient to farm the three around Pharis' gear or not, but probably not considering how much longer they take to kill.
Got loads of gems farming these morons. The drop rate is pretty decent, got 30 swordgrass from 192 runs of the 3 Ghrus. About 2-ish hours worth of grind.
anyone know if the drop rate is similar to the proof of concord kept from the silver knights?
These seem to have like double the chance to drop. It took me so long to farm the proof of concord kept but these swordgrasses droped so much more frequently. I was wearing everything and had 515 item discovery
Rings so tiring