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Trading these grasses for twinkling stone, scale stone, chunk stone. Have 15 atm.
What platform
None of the items you just mentioned can be dropped to other players therefore can not be traded dumb*ss


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I got this in 3 to 4 hours with 385 item discovery. Very important for melee builds - use the slumbering dragoncrest ring so you don't get detected until attacking the first one. The two shieldbearers have quite long and damaging combos, which in combination with the symbol of avarice and a possible poison effect might kill you, or at the very least slow down your runs. With a sharp murakumo +10 and about 70dex I can kill each in two swings so I just run and kill the first two immediately(with a greatsword they can both be struck at once) leaving the poor remaining shieldbearer to be easily taken 1 on 1.
The host disconnecting should count as a win.
3 hours of constant farming from Abyss Walkers bonfire to 2 Darkwraiths got me 31 grasses, and 19 pale tongues.
I'm really sick from farming this bs.. If any of you has the wolf ring and doesn't need it please drop it for me.. psn mokyaffe
I'm currently farming for these using the Keep Ruins bonfire and killing the 3 Ghru's on the bridge. I just got 12 in 1.5 hours. I'm using the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+3, Symbol of Avarice, and Rusted Coins bought off of Patches. Don't know if weapon matters, but I'm using Morion Blade+5. I also took off covenant banner, if that helps
Why the morian blade?


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anyone willing to trade the wolf ring? PSN ID: ThemhsGR
If your looking to farm for wolf ring,just go to ng+ and find it
Yea thats sound nice if u want the ring only because of this effect but if u want to complete the achi then u need the first one tho
So with a luck of 391, I grinded out 20 swordgrass in roughly longer than 30 minutes in the farm spot the wiki mentions! If you have a high-level character don't give up! Grab some luck boosters and good luck to all. :)