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kill the wolf men, especially the shamen seem to drop them. rare, though.



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Wolf men, as in "Vicar Logarius"? I HATE those things. Fighting them is an immense pain in the *** especially since they're all near deep poisonous swamp water. All their BS one-shot smash attacks. And it's the only offline alternative to getting this item. Wow, this is a problem see, because it's rare when I get summoned by the Watchdogs and one of two times I did I was facing against a glitched host who was moving around sans animations making it very difficult to go up against. There are a lot of glitches like this in the game I noticed.
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Wolf men? Could you please be more precise?
"Wolf men? Could you please be more precise?"

The enemies all around Farron Keep with the horns or whatever sticking out of their heads. These guys:
had to kill 1,467 "Wolf Men" for 28 Wolf's Blood Swordgrass. Drop rate is about 2%. God...
thank you. Im getting like no summons so this is helpful
Though rare, at least it is farmable offline. Still a blessing to many players who prefer playing offline or dislike PvP, like me.
Use the Abyss Watcher bonfire and kill the closest four Ghrus or yolo it and pull all of them into the Darkwraiths which will kill them for you.
Or the safer option, Farron Keep Perimeter, and wait for the Dark Wraiths to wonder into them.
for some reason now, the ennemy in those area only drop titanit shard some powder you can applie to weapon and their shield im only missing 10 and i can find anyone to invade or when it does ''failed to invade'' im holding off from killing the boss so i can get artorias shield before the wolf die =(
You're just being unlucky, i'm currently sitting at 24 of them. Don't give up skeleton!
I can confirm you can get all 30 from farming the enemies.
It seems like I cant ever invade to get these items.
I don't know if i am doing anything wrong but the invading system just sucks. Im in Ng+ now, killed the Abyss Watchers a while back and i have the Watchdogs Covenets active since 30 hours and i invided once. This is just *****ing stupid.
get a life?
Farmed both spots but no drop :(
Dont worry they do drop it, they have dropped one for me since i started playing... but they do drop it...
Get the symbol of avarice
They do drop, just finished farming the Keep ruins spot for 29 of them.. over 800 enemies killed. but I got them!
I farmed Keep Ruins bonfire. With item discovery of 107 I got one piece of swordgrass per every 20-25K souls.
Prepare to wait like its your 9 to 5
It definitely seems to be a fairly rare drop from the enemies. I was able to get 3 drops in like 10 minutes, then farmed for about 30 minutes with no more drops.
Way I did it in about 2 nights time I had 30 swordgrass. Faron Keep Perimiter bonfire and the three guys closest on your way to the black knight, Crystal sage's rapier in the left hand (boosts item drop), Dark sword + 4 in the right duel wielding (anything around that power range more if you can), took off all clothing and equipped Flynn's ring (lower the equip load the more the damage) which let me take the guys out in 2 hits and finally used a butt load of rusted coins (but its not too bad without the rusted coins although if your gonna used them you can get two runs with a coin before it runs out). Also a lot of rock and roll was required.
also in that time frame I must have netted somewhere around 500 - 800,000 souls