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jump onto altar from right in front of pontiff boss fog, the onee where the 3 ladies pray before patrolling
Does this stack with Morne's Ring?
Yes, for each type of magic you can stack the "minor" and "greater" rings.
Praise the Stacking!
Nope. Keep going. We finally get to learn who the Sun's first born is.


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no the description is not referring to solaire. solaire is/was not the firstborn sun of gwyn. the nameless king "wich you can actually fight in darksouls 3" is the firstborn
Praise the sun!
This ring had no effect on the amount of healing from heal aid, heal and great heal. Can anyone else verify this?
Just like the same ring in the previous game, it probably only boosts offensive miracles.
It seems as though this ring should have a better description, cause the current one is totally misleading. And, it seems healing spells are counted like buffs, so the rings affect offensive spells only.
it says it boosts miracle damage, healing is not damage, I assure you
It would be awesome if an specific event happened if you wear the Sun's Firstborn Ring during this fight.
like he would bite of your finger like Golum lol
@anon from 7/24/2016: i love that that's where you brought this comment. thanks for the laugh.
ring is good doesn't make heals or lighting weapons better but it does make sunlight spear way harder. I tested on tree cutter dudes in undead settlement I did 314 damage sunlight spear with no ring and 394 damage with the ring... It is good if you are using sunlight spear.
Lightning" can't edit ;'(
I dont know your faith investiment but with the ring i do double the damage with great lighting spear it would be even stronger with sunlight spear(i haver 60 fht and i tested on lothric knights with regular talisman+4(iknow that lighting is their weakness according to their armor but still solid damage))
So these miracle boosting rings... only affect damage dealing miracles? No heals, no buffs. Why not just make 1 ring that increases spell damage instead. Pretty amazing on dorwjys gnawing though.
The lightning clutch ring increases both damage dealing miracles and buffs
I don't get this either. Currently only have one direct damage miracle slotted and this ring seems like a total waste for only one miracle.
ring increases lightning spear damage by ~27%