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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page



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Does it increase the damage caused by follow-up attacks ? And if so, by how much ?



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This is awesome information, thank you so much for doing the research keeping the page updated!
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from my experience it seems to give you a short buff that lasts like 10-15 seconds, when you land 4 hits in a combo



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I got this ring just before the Boreal town/castle... ( mini boss just before ) bug/weird ? I got some bug in my game ( some bonfire dont appear ) so maybe this is a bug? I thought the boss i killed would give me the rolling/invisible thing.
did you have a bug where you cant pass through wall even though i got the ring and am blocked
kind of getting mad.
You have to kill the mini boss right before you enter the fog wall on the bridge just after the first bonfire.
Use this in conjunction with rings that give you stamina. 2 Hand the Storm Curved Sword. Switch between R1 and L2, repeat until enemy dies.
Holy crap. That's insane.
So if you enter the gate the boss wont spawn anymore..
don't worry, he will face you again.



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This ring *****in RULES with the caestus. I can kill the Old Demon King in seconds with this at level 60.
got a bug with my, game cant pass through the translucent wall even if i killed the wolf/crocodile thing and got the ring i just cant passed through and am blocked
It says in a message on the floor that you need a doll to pass.
Defeat the Deacons of the Deep if you haven't done that. If you have, then it's glitched.
Nevermind, didn't see all the other comments, mb.
Do you have the doll? You need that in order to get through.
You've probably already realised this, but incase you haven't: You'll need an item to pass through the fog, some kind of doll. When trying to go through the fog, you'll get a message telling you that you need the doll in order to pass.
Hope this helped ;)


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Hi! Elemein here, a friend and I have researched this ring heavily to bring new information on when the ring starts buffing for the different weapon types, as well as the approximate damage increase.
Drops from The Beast of Darkness. Clearly Guts couldn't keep his ***** together in the Souls universe :D