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By Anonymous
There seems to be a glitch that some people, myself included, are experiencing where the hand maiden doesn't sell the key even after you give her the ashes, no idea what causes it or how to fix it.
By Anonymous
apparently you need both the Grave keeper ashes and the mortician ashes for her to sell it.
By Anonymous
Yup happened to me, was prepping for a faith/dex build too lol *****
By Anonymous
i have the grave key but i cant enter the door says "does not open from this side"any idea how to fix?
By Anonymous
Your doing it wrong. That isn't the door for the key. You need to first go around the long way, towards the boss fight of the cursed greatwood but come away from the tower, you'll see a bridge leading to pot throwers to the left and a cave like entrance to the right. Through there is a bunch of rats, and if you go all the way you'll find a ladder next to a giant rat, climb the ladder and you'll open that door for a shortcut, then go back down and half way through the sewer you'll find the door for the key.
By Anonymous
if you have 700+ health you can ignore the door and just jump down near where morne is.
By Anonymous
my hp is 1100 but i can,t jump and survivewhat is the problem???my hero is cleric and this job is importantand i can,t write good english excuse me
By Anonymous
Since dmg is % based thats bull*****There are places where you only receive little or no damage at all depending on the exact landing point though
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Common mistake, but the giant doesnt actually hurl spears at you at all, he shoots you with a huge bow and huge arrows. when you kill him you also get a ring called hawk ring that increases bow range, so it makes sense.
By Anonymous
I have more then 700 hp but still cant survive the FallWhats wrong ?
By Anonymous
You need to jump where the "friend" was when he was by the fire. You'll survive the jump there
By Anonymous
the key costs 1800 after giving handmaiden the ashes.
By Anonymous
thats only if u killed her
By Anonymous
the fall is patched, no matter what it kills you now
By Anonymous
I just had a SL25 character survive it. The trick is to fall off onto the wooden steps, and you _might_ need to do it from the grass and not the rocks. Full stats:

Equipment load: 0.0%
Vig: 16 (594HP, 530 of which was lost)
Att: 11
End: 12
Vit: 9
Str: 11
Dex: 20
Int: 10
Fth: 10
Luck: 15
By Anonymous
Clearly not, I survived a fall the other day by pure chance. Accidentally rolled off the bridge while fighting enemies and survived with a sliver of health. Of course I was a level 120 character with like 60 dex while embered so throwing that together I guess it is just nearly impossible to survive or you need to land on the right spot and I was just very very very lucky to randomly roll into that perfect spot.
By Anonymous
I just jumped it today using spook. 11/17/2020
By Anonymous
It says that the giant hurls his spears at you, but doesn't he use a bow?
By Anonymous
They don't know that, or won't change it.
By Anonymous
His bow shoots spears