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In the Grand Archives after taking the first unlocked elevator up, going up the stairs, past the magician-guys, up another flight up stairs, and on that floor in a corner near bookcases. Caution, there are a lot of the ghost hand nearby.
NG+ ?
+1 Version (NG+): Located in the High Wall of Lothric. From the second bonfire, head down towards the roof to the first crystal lizard in the game. To the left of the ladder, there is a roof you have to jump onto to get this ring
I noticed this item on my NG+ run, but never on my NG run. Was there anything on the roof in NG? If yes, what was it?
I don't think there was anything before.
Can this be stacked with the other rings like the poison bite ring etc?


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Of course! The only thing you can't do is equip identical rings, or two rings where one is the +1 version of the other.
I've played this game for 1000s of hours and just found the +1 version accidentally while running through the game again. I swear this game has so many secret little areas I thought I knew them all but maybe I don't lol.
jo, if i "accidently" sold the +1 version, can i find it in new game++ again????
Every ring can be obtained every NG after you can first get them, other than rings that you get from covenants.