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in the large lava pit in late smouldering lake.

relatively easy to reach with sweat pyromancy and some fire gear and resist-all ring for roughly 50% resist, without using consumables.
acts basically like an all direction backstab with a longer initiation time. extremely difficult to use against agile foes like silver, black or dragon knights.
Grab attack with abundant instakill capabilities, low mana consumption, and it grants I-Frames on a successful hit. Should be perfect for executing phantoms, even mild injuries will put them a risk of being 1 shot by this and their allies can't hurt the caster while the attack plays out.

Only weakness is the windup. Anyone paying attention can see the windup and if they are smart, run, and run fast. If they don't....
It looks like it might count as a critical attack, so there's a slight chance hornet ring affects it.
I can tell you with certainty hornet ring does not apply to this pyromancy. however the ruby and sapphire rings DO. However, both the swamp and witch's ring apply to it.
Parry and cast. Hope this works........ I would poop!
It doesn't cast fast enough even with the cast speed cap to hit someone after a parry if they spam roll. I was very sad.
Functions as a grab-attack, looks very similar to Gwyn's grab from DS1 but with more fire particles on the hand during the actually grab motion.

Has decent hit-frames, but the long windup makes it awkward. It is strongly recommended that you try to condition opponents in PvP to expect a regular Fireball, or other projectile from you in advance, so that when you actually cast Sacred Flame, they roll straight into the grab, hoping to dodge the "fireball" and punish you.

The damage is exceptional, it actually has the highest DPC of all Pyromancies. With a full-pyro build, you can even one-shot Ember-hosts providing their fire resistance isn't too high.

The extreme damage and medium focus cost actually make this a highly efficient spell as long as you can land it reliably, though caution is advised, as missing it can lead to your demise.
This thing puts in work, its easily my favorite pyromancy and its netted me massive kills while getting vertebra if they roll towards you throw it out if they are charing a weapon skill throw it out if they dont know what it is throw it out its just perfect
I'm not sure if it works with hornet ring but I confirmed it works with aldrich's sapphire which states that it only works during criticals


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Like Pontiff Sulyvahn, who can be parried.
I actually just tried it against the Pontiff, and it just hit for ~230. No grab or ticks or anything.
It works on the Abyss Watcher adds, but I haven't landed it on the main guy.
i hope it works on the abyss watchers. i'll find out in ng+