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By Anonymous
time to make a goku build
By 0rion
I was going through ringed city as a sunbro summon. Per usual someone invades and tries running to the harald knights for cover. What they didn't count was being atacked from 50 feet away by a soul stream, knocking them down and then immediately recast killing them.

Tldr if your doing coop the cobination of damage, knockdown, and range ntm multi target can be very useful as long as someone else is distracting
By Anonymous
how does the pain from a speel works? is hot or something?
By Anonymous
magic conducts off of many things. in most fantasy media using a medium out of wood, crystal, metal or a combination of them for casting spells allows the user to direct the arcane power towards a target. if sorceries run off the same physics as electricity the body is not naturally a good conductor so the pain would be close to that of an electrical burn or a friction burn.

TLDR: you are being burned from how arcane energy travels through the body, not from direct heat (unless you're a pyromancer)
By Anonymous
is this a gaster blaster? lmao
By Anonymous
Obligatory Shoop Da Whoop joke goes here.
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