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"final Soul Stream"



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maybe the guy i saw using was weak but for god sake this spell was useless


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Sorceries need a buff, the casting time of all spell are too slow and the damage sucks
With the right set up this thing can hit 1200+



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Concerning cast times it is now tied with Dex, so raise Dex raise cast time.
Seriously needs a damage buff concerning the casting time :\
Yeah, I think I saw that video as well. Looks fantastic but hits like a wet noodle when considering the cast time and the investment it takes to get the spell. I mean 300 damage on average? that is ridiculously under-powered.
where is the location spell ?
Darude Sandstorm
It's the Kamehameha wave.
It might just be a flavour spell at the moment, mainly because the individual hit damge is too low. But as the spell hits repeatedly, it might have its use in breaking guard and poise. Still, for the investment it takes and the massive cost it just doesnt seem worth it.
And if pontifs right eye works with spells it may as well be a life drain beam.
Looks like an awesome spells for invasions to me get your binoculars out and jsut snipe people with magic instead of a greatbow :D
Magic requires stat investment this time around (I'm very glad for the removal of spices), but there are rings to boost the power of each type of magic. And they stack!
The power of this spell is actually pretty decent once you've focused a build on it, and yes the guard breaking is very good. This spell, combined with the crystal spells that pierce through shields, are the ultimate punisher of people who hide behind shields.
think about the dlc spells...
reasonant great heavy crystal soul stream
99 int
dmg: absurd
range: what is world size?
size: where did the map go?
Ok, i laughed quite a bit at that.
Haaaaa meee....



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I don't know if this is worth it damage wise, but I don't really care because this makes up for its lack of damage by being completely awesome. From what I have seen, this thing has infinite range, it is ridiculous.
I summoned some guy into my boss battle with the Dancer of Boreal Valley and no joke, he hit the Dancer with a few SoulStreams and it was down for the count. I couldn't believe what I saw. I thought this man used a Super Kamehameha