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I saw in a weapon showcase vid that the stance makes this weapon glow. Can anyone confirm if this is a weapon buff? It seems to persist after using the weapon art.
yes it does glow, but only when starting the attack. not when actually attacking
It wont continue to glow if you don't meet the stat requirements.
The Strong attack art leaves a buff that lasts 10 seconds. It appears to add 80 AR but I don't even meet the strength requirement and it may or may not scale with INT. I'll do some testing
Also the 80 AR from the buff is with a non-upgraded sword. Upgrades may scale the buff as well.




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Can confirm. I have it and your blade will remain on fire for about 20 seconds.
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I hope I can use both swords while on buff like the boss, if yes it's COSPLAY TIME!!!!!!!!
Make sure the summon is a mound builder so he's the right color
wish you could power stance with these sword so you could get a really diverse moveset
Ohhh yea your right I totally forgot that tiny detail. Thanks man!!!
Yasssss!!! Thanks for the idea man! That would be epic!!!
don't forget to duel cosplay with a summon, for his copying attack
I loved using the Watcher GS in DS2. Hopefully this comes close for filling the void of an int scaling greatsword that can be buffed instead of going with what will surely be the overused and predictable Moonlight Greatsword.
I heard, someone who actually got used to the Moonlight Greatsword named SKSA was pretty good with it and almost won some small tournament Oroboro and FightingCowboy had going.

So... git gud with it lol
Jokes on you! Moonlight Greatsword sucks this time. As does every other int scaling weapon or sorcery!


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Thanks for this. I think this site's bull***** about only allowing vids from certain sources, AT LEAST during the time period where people are still learning about the game and this wiki is extremely incomplete and shoddy, is absolute bull***** and I salute you for the vid.
finally weapon for sorcerers!
I've got mine to +3 and it is outclassing everything else I have when the dark damage is active on the sword. And the buff activator being a thrust attack is great
The buff is not actually adding dark damage, it's adding more magic damage. It's essentially the dark moon blade miracle
This weapon really surprised me. Aside from the strength and Dexter requirement, it's a very nice weapon for magic class.

I like how you can shoot a purple curve beam like the moonlight sword did in Ds1.


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For a magic class dex shouldnt be a problem because dex improves cast speed
if your capping your level for pvp it can be a problem
Is it sure it keeps D everywhere at +5? Seems weird for a boss weapons, so low scaling that this weapon is not worth upgrading.
The magic scaling is actually twice as strong as it seems.

This is because adding int increases the base damage but it also increases the buff

At 30str, 15dex and 26int it does 512 dmg when the buff is active. And the magic thrust that activates it is a very effective opener.

Combined with its great moveset, this weapon is much better than it appears at first glance.
It's quite good, and very nice looking and fun to use. Went on a 20 pvp win streak with it the other day.