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sif be like
it's actually a statue i think saw it in a video i didn't move or breathe the air didnt move either
If you hit the wolf you will see some blood.
I'm going to enjoy this, cause I loved the Forest Hunters, this is going to be my prime Covenant.
So the wolf is dead and can't be killed... but Hawkwood will kill it?? WTF?
After the patch, i don't think hawkwood will do anything to him now
It could be a typo.

Like maybe the wolf is alive but the player is unable to kill it. But I haven't got my hands on the game so I can't be sure.
Its sif from dark souls 1
Its not sif, she is dead, you killed her in ds1, and it was not optional.
"Nah." - a person that knows that not only you Kill sif as well as the wolf we see here is so much smaller 2017
it's seymore haha
If you run up the stairs leading to the elevator then jump towards his shoulder you can stand on his back.
Praise the master!