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I only need this ring I think, any ideas. I think I looked everywhere
look near the oceiros, u can get it by activating the elevator shortcut and hopping off halfway through onto this platform
from EZSPECIAL via /r/DarkSouls3JPN sent 19 minutes ago
Might be wrong but isn't that the one you get by dropping off the lift near oceiros? The one you use as a shortcut to get back to oceiros boss room, from the dancer bonfire
A bit shoddy guidance here but will try my best.

After defeating the dancer and lowering the ladder, climb up it and take a left. Infront of you will be a knight, and behind him an elevator towards ocerious.
After reaching the ground floor you'll want to stick to the right after finishing up any hostiles. No need to hug the wall in the toxic puddles though.
After a while you'll reach a shortcut elevator, ride it half way and jump off. A few meteres ahead will be the ring along with a priest.
I can imagine people using this ring while using Iron Flesh
Does anyone know if this affects any other critical types (i.e. headshots, or guard-breaks)?
As it says in the description, only backstabs.
I tested the different crit with my friend while the dragonscale ring was equipped and it also reduced the damage from the parry, the poise break and the plunging attack



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By poise break I think he means guard break.
against MLG pro godfathers swinging their bucklers like they are trying to fly
2016 noob spreading his noobiness....I will give it pass. this time...
so is it only backstabs and not frontal ripostes?
its for riposte as well
It's only for backstabs
It's for none of them.
It's only for riposte.
It's only for pyromancies.
It’s only for rolls
It's only rapier attacks



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it is only for bows
I tried getting backstabbed by enemies with and without this ring equipped and there was no damage difference whatsoever. Can else confirm this?