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By Anonymous
This is a freaking Klingon Bat'leth!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It's a combo set or the range of 2 step forward... ***** , how do you expect to hit anyone with that short range?
By Anonymous
I believe it requires something along the lines of "gitting gud", that could just be a myth though.
By Anonymous
Its fully directional , i hoghly advise using it after a two hit r1 combo if you notice your opponenthas a tendency to roll inside ( which often people do to atttp to backstabstremgth weapoins) and aim the first step to the side and the second behind you
By Anonymous
beast weap. rekts everyting in pvp
By Anonymous
I love the moveset and everything on Yhorm's Great Machete, but I don't know why every else use the Fume Ultra Greatsword...
By Anonymous
At +5 and 50 strength it does 623 Damage.
By Anonymous
Expected it to be a minor upgrade to the Great Machete, but apparently the change from slash damage to standard makes a huge difference.
By Anonymous
why use this over greataxe which hat more dmg, less weight and more range
By Anonymous
Cause its cool looking af. the greataxe is just a big axe... meh.
By Anonymous
actually you kinda answered your own question.Yhorm's have better Range and that's a game changer in PVP.Sides, Heavy Greataxe +10 Refined Greataxe+10 will outdamage Yhorm's for sure, however the thing is: Look at the Stats Investment required for it.
By Anonymous
max chart is correct but when you click on regular, at +5 it says that the greataxe gives S on stregnth when it only is an A ingame.
By Anonymous
Great weapon in both pvp and pve. Just keep in mind your stamina bar. Also dont forget knights ring :)The only real problem I ever faced while using this is fighting a Havel Great shield user.
By Anonymous
Knight Slayer Ring helps
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