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By Anonymous
I am unsure if this is the correct location, I believe this is where I picked up the Wrath of Gods miracle.
By Anonymous
It is where you are walking towards the 2 dragons and then you look off to the right side, there will be 2 ledges jump onto the one closest to the dragons, the shard will be under the bridge
By Anonymous
This could have changed when the official west world release of dark souls 3.
By Anonymous
In the Grand Archives, you will unlock an elevator. In the area where the top stop of the elevator is a flight up stairs progressing upwards through the archives. Take the flight of stairs, go through the next room with the mages, take another flight of stairs and go outside onto the roof tops. Keep traversing the roof tops and fighting the winged knights (there will 2 crystal lizards at one point). You will eventually get to a roof top where two winged knights spawn, which indicates you are in the right area. Walk off that rooftop towards a balcony where there is a visibly broken window and a mage shooting out at you. The shard is in the room.
By Anonymous
Do the shards respawn in ng+ ? Just wanting to know if I should get them before or just wait till I come across them again.
By Anonymous
Yes it does respawn
By Anonymous
Can't find the shard.I killed the skeleton and only get the dark gem
By Anonymous
That's the second skeleton with a hat, there's on a bit earlier close to the Estus Soup. After the giant skeleton ball that rolls down the large staircase.
By Anonymous
in the carthus catacombs the ball of skelleton parts also drops a undead bone shard once defeated, it dropped after the first one i saw. it dies once it rams himself into the walls a few times
By Anonymous
not a few times :D you have to kill the Skeleton with the Hat where the ball rolls inside.
By Anonymous
"Behind a group of demons in the demon ruins." Literal WORST description. That's like saying "the key is behind a school of fish in the ocean." There is a ton of "group of demons" in the demon ruins! Can we get a starting point, a "left or right from...", or anything?
By Anonymous
The Undead Bone Shard is on the bottom floor, where you can see the statues of Taurus Demon and the Asylum One, where there are a lot of floating fire balls and two demons. On the left wall.
By Anonymous
Too lazy of just blind? You already got the location, want me to log into your account and get it for you my lord?
By Anonymous
Why are you bieng like that he is right it's very vague
By Anonymous
Killing the worm got me an estus shard not an undead bone shard; I'm guessing this is wrong or maybe in ng+ it does drop the bone shard?
By Anonymous
I just killed it, got a bone shard. Not in new game plus. Did you get the lightning stake miracle?
By Anonymous
i got my bonfire to lvl 10 but still no throphy
By Anonymous
the bonfire has to be lvl 11 (starts at 1 + 10 shards)
By Anonymous
You're bonfire needs to be level 11. Your Estus flask should say +10
By Anonymous
Thank you I found all these if someone needs help finding one of the areas dm me on Instagram @ csgophotos
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