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By Anonymous
try magic resin

thank me later
By Anonymous
better then pkcs however it would never beat broken straight sword gg
By MrUndead
Welcome to my mine, we are mining diamonds
By Anonymous
Infusion table is wrong for sharp. I get A scaling with dex at +10
By Anonymous
This is trash! Broken Straight Sword better!
By Anonymous
steve minecraft
By Anonymous
Slow and low damage. Kinda disappointed. Wish the WA gave it the swing speed of the club instead of stamina regen. Would make sense too since it's used by miners.
By Anonymous
I once got two-shotted by this thing in a duel, with 40 vigor. It does not have low damage, especially with leo ring.
By Anonymous
66 strength. 2 hand. Leo ring. Stam regen equipment/consumables.
With these 4 things, you shall become the ultimate miner. Punish all those that are foolish enough to challenge you, the pickaxe man, by nuking your opponents health bar with one well timed counter hit. Their wills shall shatter just like the boulders you shatter with this mighty tool of pugnacious perforation!
By Anonymous
If you can raise you stamina regen by sheer force of ****ing will while using the pickaxe, why can't you with other weapons
By Anonymous
you have to get into that miner's mindset
By Anonymous
You can drive nails with it if you're extremely accurate
By Anonymous
cause it doesn't fit into any of the other categories either
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