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I can't remember exactly, but it is found in Lothric Castle between the Dragon Barracks and the Dragonslayer Armor bonfires.
he found it on his stream its after the dancer outside near a ledge
It can be found (iirc), just before the dragonslayer armor boss fight. In the building where Eyigon is summoned.
Go up the stairs and to the left is a small doorway (not the big one) and the rtsr is on a corpse
First it was 50 percent damage in dks1, then 30 in dks2, and now 20 in dks3. Does From hate this ring or something?
Well in dark souls 1 you could basically one shot all of the bosses with this ring and power within so I guess they don't want a repeat
also, if you combine it with the morion blade, which everyone who utilizes this ring does, you almost have the effect of the dks 1 RTSR back.
"Well in dark souls 1 you could basically one shot all of the bosses with this ring and power within so I guess they don't want a repeat"
With the risk of being hit once and dying. Risk and reward, cause and effect. I don't see anything wrong with that. If you are good then yeah the ring is extremely good. But that goes with anything. DumbSoft just doesn't know how to do anything anymore. A ring like this is SUPPOSED to be that good. You are literally an inch away from death. And?
This game has everlasting Tears of Denial.
you also had only *two* rings slots, and one ring couldn't be taken off, *hint hint* the ones that boosts STAMINA HEALTH ENDURANCE, EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT.
Does critical damage increase as well?
You can use Sacred Oath from the Sunlight sword to increase the damage as well I think.
Mathematically yes, if you put this ring on with the hornet ring then you would be doing normal riposte damage + Red Tearstone damage + Hornet Damage.
you guys mean 44%?
Each one boosts 20% stacking multiplicatively, so yeah a 44% increase or 1.44x the normal damage
No its 144%. It is a 44% increase but the total percentage is 144%.
The Dragon Slayer Armor links to the equipment and not the boss



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If you are a pyromancer with

Red tearstone ring +
Witch ring +
Morrion Blade +
Swamp ring +
40 faith 40 INT +
Tears of denial +
20 percent health +
Lvl 10 pyromancy flame

This game becomes a complete joke. I never invisoned that I would ever be this powerful in a souls game....
Actually, the Flame Clitch Ring has similar results. You should look forward to use it as well.


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I have been testing and I really cant tell if there is a difference or not.
it does stack with Pontiff"s right eye.