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Found in the boss room of High Lord Wolnir


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The pyromancer trainer doesnt accept this, says its for desperate people. is there another npc?
There is another npc later on
' know. I'm so confused
It says Karla can teach you
nothing was at the bonefire if didn't pick this up at the boss
was in the same room on a corpse though
tome didnt spawn for me in the corner of the room after fight
Rest at bonfire / reload room
didn't picked it up during boss battle it was gone after I rested at bonfire
Never mind pls dont mind this i didnt know i already picked it up
Since when was irina teaching pyromancy
It's just a very sad book.


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Guess I'll edit that out, then.
The page is wrong, yall. It's the left, not the right. Keep looking, it's there.
Coryx can't teach this time? So who can
Karla can
Karla is bae
if you don't pick it up while you're fighting the boss, it won't be there after he's died... so if you've already killed him, then... you're *****ed :)
nope. it's in the room with the chalice
You could find it in the corner of the boss room :p
No, but you have to sit at the bonfire or reload the area to have it spawn in the left corner of the room.
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