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By Anonymous
Who the hell is Jeenine lmao
By Anonymous
is it good in pve???
By Anonymous
It has the highest poise damage in the game, so it's great for stunlocking. Weapon art is great for bigger common enemies like Lothric knights. Against bosses, you might want something with better DPS.
By Anonymous
you wanted to roll out? sorry i have my wake up slap ready!
By Anonymous
Lmao why are folks so salty about this weapon. I've been hardswap gundyr'd before, and yea, it wrecks me pretty often, but it doesn't really make me all that mad. Seriously, just a game, y'all
By Anonymous
i agree with u, so what if u got hit, deal with it
By Anonymous
I got this Halberd on my second playthrough (NG+), after I got the ring. I think the weapon art is pretty good.
By Anonymous
Here, you´ll find: people crying about hardswaps, people crying about JeeNine, and people crying about not having the Gundyr kick. Saved you a read :)
By Anonymous
i'm sick of jeenine wannabes
By Anonymous
Gundyr's Halberd, Murky Hand Scythe, Pontiff Knight Curved Sword, Estus Cancelling.
You will see countless copy pasted clones online running around with these above things. Same setup, no emotions (besides BM'ing after a fight of course), and private profiles usually. There must be a factory somewhere churning them out or something. Anyways, the best counter to finding one is hitting alt f4 and blocking them. They will always be back though... for another one will just be shat out into the wilds of DS3.
By Anonymous
There are many counters. Timing your rolls and getting a backstab. Blocking then getting a backstab. Mace weapon art and pounding on them during the very long attack animation. Parrying the initial charge hit, or blocking the first hit and thrusting hits, then parrying the swipe. Zwei Stomp launch is my favorite.
By Anonymous
R1+L2= 50% chance of killing invaders dead
By Anonymous
The single most important step towards PVP success for me was learning how hilariously easy it is to parry this WA
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