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like Santier's Spear dark souls 2 ahhh
I though gundyr's halberd was a regular scythe. Oh well
This isn't a Halberd, it's a Bardiche.
I didn't think anyone else would notice
Their names are all over the place, really. They call this a Halberd, and the proper Bardiche a glaive. Though, all things considered, it's better than calling it a scythe...
There is a move that allows you to knock them off their feet. If you have enough fp, you can kill a lothric knight in one combo.
Has anyone tried yet? Almost feel this is a Santier's Spear reference, wonder if anything happens if you bust the durability on it.
I did, it is really strong with nice damage reach and moveset. Also it wrecks most sword wielders in pvp
I can't seem to break it for the life of me. I can't find anything that makes it break that's easily done, like hitting a wall, nor can I find any items that make weapons break sooner.
Nothing happens when you break it, it's a FromSoft troll
Seriously I have no idea why its not used more, this weapon stomps people on PvP, champions charge is an amazing chase, or an opener.
Fully upgraded it gets a B scaling in Strength and E in Dexterity
At 40 strength and 39 dexterity it has an AR of 476
Can it break hyperarmor frames?
i really wanted gundyr's combat style
Use a Cestus in your offhand and you can punch people like he does. I mean... won't send them flying like his haymakers do, but still!