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By Anonymous
Have a bunch of 4/5 and 9/10 weapons and it never bothered me. I know that slab wont make me better at the game.
By Anonymous
Is there a good reason to not give them a 1% or lower drop rate on some lategame enemies, or make them buyable for something crazy like a million souls a pop or whatever?

Why limit how many you can get completely? Would the game be any worse off if some people were able to get more than 8 per playthrough through tedious grinding? Who ever made this game i can make better just with 15 people.
By Anonymous
Yes, yes there is a good reason. Its dark souls. This game isn't light souls.
By Anonymous
There really isn't, but it's also better than what we got in DS1 (not DS2). Running through NG+ to grab the slabs straight up takes less time than it would to get 15 slabs from the Darkwraiths in New Londo, so in that sense it's an improvement.

Still, DS2 did the system better. All upgrade materials were easily farmeable, especially with Ascetics, and you got infinite respecs.
By Anonymous
You can get another 15 just by going into NG+
By Anonymous
You people are so stupid having limited slabs its is okay to complain what a joke
By Anonymous
Kill seigwards fat arse in jail, and do the area reload glitch for infinite slabs.
By Anonymous
I did this and only got 1 slab.
By Anonymous
Are you gonna tell me the shrine handmaid had a titanite slab sitting behind her damn chair this entire time
By Anonymous
"waaaahhhhhhh 15 slabs isn't enough!!!!!!! I DONT WANNA GO TO NG+ IT'S TOO HARD!!!!!!!!! I AM BAD AT THE GAME AND I WANT EVERYTHING HANDED TO ME ON A SILVER PLATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
- all of you
By Anonymous
I mean ds3 pretty much already does that
By Anonymous
I'm not complaining, but I see where these people are coming from. NG+ and further isn't that much harder (I'm currnetly on NG+4, purely for slabs), but beating the game all over again is tedious. Some areas can done quickly (you can get all slabs from Ringed City very fast), but you can get sick of them. Plus, some boss fights can be problematic, like Nameless King and Friede for example. Yes, you can get summons, but I just did NK couple hours ago and he nearly oneshot my helper.
By Anonymous
Look problem isn’t the hardship, damn at least until NG+4 game is easier, but it gets boring fast, and some of us have a life to live but still 15 is more than enough
By Anonymous
all you low lifes care about is pvp
By Anonymous
lol your game suck persona 5 better
By Anonymous
I think the best solution would be if you got a slab for every fight with Spear of the Church. Just think about it: this is basically end of the game and finding way to repeat this boss fight without a guide is hard enough. Plus playing online this might be even more difficult (but sometimes easier). And it wouldn't be a f****** random drop.
By Anonymous
Imagine if dragonchaser ashes let you buy slabs for a million souls each
By Anonymous
gotta love the souls community, the entire comment section has to do about the whole limited slab thing. this is why i don't come here often.
By Anonymous
how does this solve limited slab issues? stfu
By Anonymous
For anyone complaining these aren’t farmable, they are. Not by killing the same enemy, no, but by running the game quick. 90-120 minutes for fewest bosses gets you 2-3 slabs in the grand archives, around 4 hours for all bosses necessary for all 15 slabs. That’s quick enough farming for me.
By Anonymous
Farming means getting a drop from an enemy, no matter how rare it is. It isn't getting a one-time drop faster
By Anonymous
If you are going into next game cycle, slabs aren't enough. You need to again collect ashes for handmaiden or you can't buy useful items. Also you need to find the coals for Andre. And every run all this becomes more difficult.
By Anonymous
atleast im getting something in return you, people are so toxic and salty af, limited slabs what makes the game bad idiot.
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