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Seigward will give you a slab after completing your third encounter with him.


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can confirm, after having Seigward help you kill Yhorm
Obtained by giving the Shrine Handmaiden 3 Umbral Ashes



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^ user above has no idea what he's talking about, she will sell you one for 30000 souls after all the ashes of the lords have been placed, thats it.
I've given her 4 ashes and have yet to receive one, and she hasn't been selling one. Is this method confirmed?
So there isn't an exact limit per playthrough? Thank god.
Remember bloodborne with just one rock per NG?
The horror...
there is
I feel like the golden Winged Knights on the roof always give one slab after defeating them all.
nope. killed the all 4 times now. no second slab for me!
only happened once for me
After about ~10 runs farming winged knights with 264 Item descovery I haven't got a single titanite slab from them(not counting the time when you get 1 for killing all 3 of them for the first time).Pretty sure that author mistook the guaranteed slab for a random drop.
He never said it's repeatable. Though it would be a nice addition.
The roof knights do not drop a slab after the first, under any circumstances. Tested with a 100% drop rate script.
Have you tested it on those rock roller lizards in Archdragon Peak? More reasonable/unexplainable reports of it there.

It is reward for killing all of them. It is not loot you are collecting, it is granted like a reward from bosses.
No slab from winged knight after 100 run n 500 item discovery..
Yeah, you only get 1 per NG
Yes i got 1 for first time kill them all.i mean after that..with +100 n 500 item discovery.nothing..
You need to kill all 3

When all 3 are dead at the same time you get a slab but only once
It is clearly tells it drops 1, after defeating 3 knights. Once you have 3 of them dead at same time, you get your stab. It happens ONCE per playthrought. It occurs as BOSS reward, you don't need to pick it up, the same way you don't pick up boss souls. Amazed by amount of kids who found 8 stabs per playthought to not be enough and they expect it to be so easily farmable. No. It is dark souls, where everything of great value comes 1 per NG.
I'm amazed by your ability to read as well. It's *slab not stab.
There were items needed for upgrades that dropped really rarely in souls games already. With like 0,2% chances.

This Reddit User even states that he has farmed some:
You realize slabs were farmable in DkS1, right?
*****ing ridiculous even boss soul weapons and special weapons require an item you can only get a limited amount of per run.
Go to archdragon peak and finish it. Afterwards, you can buy titanite chunks, scales and twinkling titanite. Slabs are the only limited upgrade item in the game, but even then, there's 8 of them.