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the choice for professionals
Please trade this weapon to me.. anything you may need I prolly have
what you can give me ? Ps4
Same as with the Corvian Greatknife, I recommend people farming for this wait for the Corvian's wings to sprout before killing them. I can't prove it, but I suspect the drop-rate improves once they've transformed.
It certainly feels that way when I grind them
I just killed about 50 of those guys. Took your advice and let maybe 45 of them sprout their wings. But the last one on the bridge I really wanted to shove my halberd through his back. And he's the one who dropped a Great Corvian Scythe for me. Of the 45 who sprouted wings. 2 gave me Corvian Greatknives, and 1 dropped a staff. Also ate a couple rusty coins, and no one dropped anything while those were active.
Lightning and Crystal infusions provide S scaling in Faith and INT (respectably) at +5,
I found kinda by accident that this weapon gets C-B-A-A scaling with chaos and dark infusions at +10. I did not think any weapon scaled that high. Lothric KS, Astroa GS, and Harald CGS, all get C-C-A-A scaling, which I had thought was the highest. Can anyone confirm that this is the highest scaling C/D infusion you can get in the game? Cuz if this is the highest scaling weapon you can get for elemental infusions, then that's definitely worth noting.
Chase recently did a showcase on it, and it has some interesting true combos. Apparently r1 can transition to jump attack, with either 1H or 2H. Pretty interesting and i might give it more love soon