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the choice for professionals
Is that your word for them?
And Professionals have standards.
Please trade this weapon to me.. anything you may need I prolly have
what you can give me ? Ps4
Same as with the Corvian Greatknife, I recommend people farming for this wait for the Corvian's wings to sprout before killing them. I can't prove it, but I suspect the drop-rate improves once they've transformed.
It certainly feels that way when I grind them
I just killed about 50 of those guys. Took your advice and let maybe 45 of them sprout their wings. But the last one on the bridge I really wanted to shove my halberd through his back. And he's the one who dropped a Great Corvian Scythe for me. Of the 45 who sprouted wings. 2 gave me Corvian Greatknives, and 1 dropped a staff. Also ate a couple rusty coins, and no one dropped anything while those were active.
I don't think it works that way. The drop is supposedly around 1%, so you'd need a sample size of several thousand kills just to speculate that being the case. It's never taken me more than 7 runs to get with no item find bonus across many chars, all killed before mutating.
Lightning and Crystal infusions provide S scaling in Faith and INT (respectably) at +5,
I found kinda by accident that this weapon gets C-B-A-A scaling with chaos and dark infusions at +10. I did not think any weapon scaled that high. Lothric KS, Astroa GS, and Harald CGS, all get C-C-A-A scaling, which I had thought was the highest. Can anyone confirm that this is the highest scaling C/D infusion you can get in the game? Cuz if this is the highest scaling weapon you can get for elemental infusions, then that's definitely worth noting.
A lot of chaos/dark weapons have also a A/A scaling in INT/FTH. But with accurate values of scalings, the chaos/dark great corvian scythe could be the winner, Indeed. It's A/A is +139% fire damage for each stat when 99 : +140% is a S scaling, so this is almost a S/S in INT/FTH, impressive. But for me, thats globally a bad thing for a meta level SL100/120. It means you have to invest A LOT of points to benefit fully of this weapon...
By the way, all its infusions give a high scaling. The bleed/poison great corvian scythe has certainly also the best luck scaling in the entire game for a status damage weapon. It beats slightly Chaos Blade. Only Anri's sword and Man grub's staff seem to have a higher luck scaling, but it scales here for physical or sorcery damages.
Scimitar has triple A scaling with dark or chaos
Well, that's why you make a build for it, duh! Of course it takes dedicated leveling to have damage
Chase recently did a showcase on it, and it has some interesting true combos. Apparently r1 can transition to jump attack, with either 1H or 2H. Pretty interesting and i might give it more love soon
I sold it on my first playthrough nuts.
No worries, you can farm it in ROAD OF SACRIFICES
What luck scaling dose it get when hollow, +10 measurements preferably but any info will do
there isn't really a way to measure but its pretty good on my 60 luck quality build
To my knowledge, all weapons infused with hollow get a C scaling in luck
Haven't played the game in a while, but this was always my favorite weapon. It's not the best weapon in the world in that it won't net you easy PvP kills just by picking it up and spamming R1, and there are definitely more optimal weapons to use for PvE (though Carthus Rouge on this thing does go through bosses pretty fast), but mastering the spacing of this weapon and learning to read your opponent with it makes you look and feel like a total badass. It's a whole lot easier for me to enter fight clubs and go undefeated for hours because I'm spamming katana running attacks or staggered greatsword R1s, but all my most exciting fights were with this scythe.
I got thos weapon lucky and hate it so i discarded this fake reaper