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if i infuse this weapon to sharp it does lose the bleed efect?
Don’t think it does. Did it with dark gem and bleed stays.
I chose sharp and it keeps bleed as well as scale beautifully
No but you want the extra bleed from hollow (plus carthus rouge) or you need to hit your target very likely two or three more times to make it bleed what makes a huge difference in combat. (in theory one more time but the bleed bar empties relativly fast->2/3 more times)
Is the base bleed for a Hallow infused really higher than the base bleed for a Blood infused? Seems a bit odd. Hallow Build would have LUK to scale the bleeding too so does that make Hallow more dmg AND more bleed even at lower levels?
I can't say for this particular weapon. On my bleed build I used Onikiri & Ubadachi. But no, blood infused does have higher base bleed. However, With a LUK build you can throw on some Carthas Rogue for even more bleed, plus it out-damages blood infused. You can still buff it with magic/element papers and stuff, too. You cannot buff blood infusion.
Does the word “Luck” really need abbreviation lol



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these values seem old to me, maybe be pre patch. the latest patch buffed the blood infusions.
Blood infusion has wrong info. A +6 blood corvian scythe has 54 bleed, and I'd assume +10 is higher.
S scaling now
In blessed
in sharp u get it at like +3 or +4 now



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Pretty sure this is shorter than the Great Scythe
As good as this one is, the great scythe's lower weight can be a godsend when you're trying to work with heavily weight-constrained hollow builds. Anyone trying to use multiple weapons at once in PVP should know. The great scythe does slightly more base damage with identical scaling at hollow infusion too.
Good point, worth considering. A lot of success here PvP with this weapon with dark infusion. However, I still miss the fully upgraded GS from Dark Souls 1. It was much slower, but people that really knew how to use it killed me in PvP. I watched a video on youtube testing every weapon in the game for hours under various types of conditions. I believe the GS proved to land more damage than any other weapon as long as it's upgraded using only titantie, no infusions.
yeah, but CGS has longer reach, even if worse stats. I prefer reach over weight personally.
what does it mean the build up will also stack with enemy bleeds?
It means if the enemy hits you with a weapon that inflicts bleed it will fill the bar faster
this wep gives the player wielding it very low bleed for every hit they connect, so you have 2 sources of bleed.
Wow, I totally missed this weapon my first playthrough, I didn't know it existed because of the extremely low drop rate. At 70/70 and 60/60 my AR is 643. This weapon scales crazy good with chaos and dark, at C-B-A-A. I think that is the highest scaling I have ever seen for chaos/dark. With that, plus the shield chip damage, I have become much better at PvP with this weapon. I do not really understand much about the bleeding action with this weapon, I know 38 base bleed is the highest in the game, but I really do not get how this works against me in the negative way described. And I also have not experience with bleed builds as my luck is at 7, but I would have to believe damage would be massive. I would love to see some stats from bleed builds with this weapon. It's been shredding in PvP for me recently.
the bleed it gives you will not do*****, against enemies it builds up a bar that takes out about 30% of your oponent's max health
bleed has been nerfed in the past and every attack this wep has is parryable except the running/jumping heavy. also, sweetspots. reapers are great for PvE but a little harder to use on PvP. (I love reapers btw, I'm just telling how it is.)
I don't see people use this often in PvP, but the ones that I have seen use it are always mages and seem to be pretty good with it. I find it easy to parry as another poster pointed out, but not everyone is good at the art of parrying. I wish there was a Scythe in this game that was formidable in PvP, like in DS1. I was never good with the GS in that game but I used to see people getting destroyed left and right with it online with that 360 attack it had. The good old days.
I know some people said they got this easy there first playthrough, but I have found it to be a very rare drop. I read on more than one Reddit post that this has a 0.97% drop rate tested at an item discovery of 352. I want to farm a set of 3, but it took like 5 hours to farm one at 432 item discovery.
I have a character that has 9, it took me 1 hour, it all comes down to luck (real luck. Not the stat)
I find lower lvl is easier to farm I got the rapier and got it second run through
Only me has a trouble with second 2H R1? I think it has a litle bit less range than first 2H R1. In PvP i can`t connect my R1>R1 true combo, bacause second hit just does not reach to the opponent (if the first hit got from maximum distance). It really annoying.
Mighta been that you hit someone while they were still in hyperarmor frames. If you do that and they don't stagger, they're pushed backwards.
This weapon has enough hitstun to combo into an r2, jump attack, or just wait and do the first r1 again. That should solve the range problem.