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At +0, it now has 38 bleed, at regulation 1.35 and infusing with bleed doesn't seem to change that value.
for some reason in pvp i will proc bleed on a solid hit ( their not i-framing through it ) and it doesnt do the additional damage and it only happens to me with this weapon. strange....
Is it true that if infused with sharp this weapon loses bleed?
No. Bleed remains. But you will need at least one more hit compared to hollow infusion to proc bleed damage. (tested) Means you can almost forget about bleed in pvp and pve becomes more "blood less" too. Depends on preferences in the end. Do you build around bleed or do you take the guaranted extra damage from sharp infusion. From my experience hollow bleed works. Pvp and pve wise. I kill crystal mages before they can teleport, clear Lothric castle wihtout problems from Gargoyle to winged Knight. Bleed also creates a delicate dilemma for human players. "Should I use estus or a red moss...." But no matter what they choose they don't survive the next hit.
Then proceed to dodge bloodloss through iframes! T_T
Is this seriously the only non-greatsword option for pyros with A/A Int/Faith scaling? I hate fighting with gardening tools. So stupid.
Long Sword? Lothric Knight Sword?
If u put a chaos or dark gem on most weapons, I say most, you will get that A/A int faith scaling at +10 for sure. Try the carthus curved greatsword or murakumo. They're faster weapons than they look like, and lighter too. Don't be fooled by the greatsword classification. Both have A/A scaling in Int and Faith if made chaos or dark.
Ignore the letters and always look at the numbers. The scaling ranks are aribtrary garbage.
get the drake sword. starts with a passive lighting but weirdly also allows an I fusion sl go chaos and you have a physical/fire/lightning damage weapon with A/A scaling
Interesting that infusing with Hollow grants a higher bleed stat than the Bleed infusion, on top of the Luck scaling you get from Hollow weapons. There really is no reason to use the bleed gem on this, then, unless you for some reason aren't going to Hollow your character.



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It's been a while but if I remember right, the blood infusion scales like 8 million times better than the hollow bleed amount for this weapon. It's been a while though so it's not confirmed
since you can use a carthus spice on a hollow weapon which give +25 bleed, unless the blood infusion give more than 25 bleed compare to hollow, keep hollow infusion for better overall damage because luck scale give more bleed AND physical DMG (also maybe the luck scale can affect the bleed from spice but im not sure about this)
The moment you know the weapon's range, this scythe becomes a monster in PvP! You can outrange most meta weapons, and while the weapon doesn't do a lot of damage, it can quickly and easily wear your enemy down.
and dont forget the sweet bleed build-up on your opponents
And may I mention how easy it is to punish parry spammers? Just swing once and pause for a parry, then swing twice more. And dont forget that the WA is basically a poise button that can tank through ultra great sword R1's
Anyone can tell me if poison infusion on this bad girl is better than hollowing it?
Poison in general it's not so good. It barely does even bother somebody during pvp. Just go for the bleeding
is it a bug or does this weapon really get S scaling on intelligence when you infuse it with crystal?
it's legit. I aquired one and infused it. The S scaling is real from level 6 up. it has an A scaling at 3 I think it was.
Honestly, the strongest scythe in the game for the reaper class weapons. It's a pity that the others aren't varied enough in ability and stats to make them worthwhile.
But Friede's great scythe
The people that spams that frucking first-swing-R1-literal-stunlock-till-they-either-run-out-of-stamina-or-make-a-mistake-attack-bullcrap should burn eternally in the deepest pits of hell.
thanks for giving me a moveset combo
You have created another R1 spaming ******
well done op
git gud aq
does it work on gankers?