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lifehunt 2.0?
Totaly is my dear sweet lifehunt... oh i missed you darling
Hope forlorn's scythe is back as well. It was my fav scythe in ds2.



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The description seems to tie this scythe to the Forlorn/Forlorn Scythe in a way: "Great scythe of the forlorn souls guided by heretical storytellers.[...]"
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The Life Hunt continues! Praise Priscilla!
Very low damage, even on a 40/40 quality build
When infused with the unique stat scaling, gains S scaling.
Apart from the 1 extra bleed stat this is heavier, does less damage and has the same scaling and special as the Great Scythe....does the scaling improve or is this just a bad but other visually pleasing weapon?
I actually investigated this, while the Corvian scythe eventually gets better scaling (Str C, Dex B) vs (Str D, Dex C), this is in appearance only. stat for stat the great scythe seems to get a greater bonus from scaling despite the fact it displays a worse scaling bonus. a bug perhaps?

needs to be confirmed.
It has better scaling, I can confirm that much. When fully upgraded and with decent stats, it does more damage than great scythe, higher bleed build up, I THINK more range, and looks badass. I think I can endure 2 points more of weight for all the pros
Each weapons scaling amounts are different and there are multiple levels to each scaling letter. I have found that sometimes a top level B is better than a bottom A and there is no way to uncover which letter it is BESIDES watching it as it gets enchanted. When it shows the same letter but blue showing its increasing. That is what it means. I hope we eventually get better concrete information.

I have been testing the bleed from this vs great scythe. They appear to apply at the same rate unfortunately. But just takes off 37% health when it procs at +10 instead of the 34% on the great. What I am really confused is why the "hollow" infusion shows 47 at +10. that would take off 47% if true.
I'm using the crystal rapier and I still feel like the drop rate on this is terrible...
Haha wait until you're farming Carthus for Sharp gems. Now that is a bore.
This thing fills YOUR bleed bar as well? Whaaat? Why would you choose this over the great scythe if you are using a double edged scythe with this one?
I believe this also has a higher base AR, meaning if you want the most damaging scythe available that is buffable, this is what you want.
I've never had an issue with the bleed stacks outside a certain high numbered mob boss. One on one you'll never reach full stack yourself
Just because it's great with Chaos Infused
A video of farming area