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Marty the Handaxe confirmed OP weapon
from a video I've seen, this weapon gets C/D/B/B scaling at +10 with chaos infusion
Well sounds as if infusing will go very far in this game
I'm currently playing a Pyromancer and when i googled wich infused Weapon to use i almost always only found pll mentioning the Hand Axe and the Astora Greatsword. But there are many more Weapons that scale pretty well with the Chaos infusion. So i made a little list.

Shortsword,Longsword.Broadsword, Lothric Knight Sword, Dark Sword,Gotthard Twinswords, Exile Greatsword.Estoc.Drang Twinspears all C/D/B/B or D/C/B/B

Murakumo ,Carthus Curved Greatsword,,Winged Spear D/C/A/A

and of course the Astora Greatsword with C/C/A/A

not sure if i listed all good Chaos scaling Weapons but i hope this will help some people.
Thrall Axe and Mace are D/D/B/B as well
Sorry, Thrall Axe is C/D/B/B, Mace apparently only C/E/C/C - although Dark Mace hits pretty ***** hard as well
Greatsword is C/D/A/A
This weapon is very underestimated. Its quicker than you might think, has good scaling with infusions, low requirments and its 2.5 weight which makes it an excellent side weapon for STR builds. Gives this badboy a try !
if you're a pyro, you can use it until you find broadsword. bs have better scaling, better reach, better weapon art...ect
Don't listen to this guy. The hand axe is a beast in its own right, don't pass it over for a paltry broadsword, unless you're building for that kind of thing.
You'll actually find the broadsword before youll find this weapon, just have to fight your way past a few knights is all.
one of the best weapons
figured this be worth mentioning on the page, it's no coincidence that this is a pyromancers weapon as it has great scaling with chaos. You can min stat to wield for more room to level int and faith and attn. A/A scaling at 45/45 doing 534 with this little beast, only split a bit over 100 to physical rest is fire. Combined with the speed, it's got great DPS for a pure Pyro. And since it's so underestimated, people don't pay caution PVP.
Chaos +10 has A/A on INT/FTH, not B/B
Find an equation of the linear function f if f(1) = -1 and f(4) = 8
f(x)= 3x -1
correction: -4 and not -1
f(x) = 3x - 4

Solution: f(1) = 1(x) + b -> - 1
f(4) = 4(x) + b -> 8
-> Get rid of constant b by multiplying top function by - 1 and add to bottom
3x = 9
x = 3
-> Solve for constant b
b = -4
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All linear equations may assume the form of f(x) = mx + b, where m represents the rate of change of y in respect to the rate of change of x. In other words Δy / Δx. Now notice that the given x-values are 1 and 4, and the corresponding y-values are -1 and 8. And now we obtain that Δx = 4 - 1 = 3, and Δy = 8 - (-1) = 9, thus Δy/Δx = 3. Now we plug it into the slope-intercept form, f(x) = mx + b we obtain f(x) = 3x + b. substituting for x = 4 with supposed y = 8: f(4) = 8 = 3 * 4 + b, we obtain b = 8 - 3 * 4 = -4. And the equation is complete with f(x) = 3x - 4. Hopefully the formatting doesn't get destroyed.