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Anybody find this yet? It is used by the moundmaker npc, but I killed him and the hag isn't selling the set.
you have to do Siriss quest line if you killed him you failed and have to wait until NG+, you have to fight him with her to get it
The current armor posted here is the Armor of the Sun, not the Sunset Armor.
how did they fix it. its still sunset armor whereas you said it was the armor of the sun
At the time that i wrote this, the entry was wrong.. They obviously fixed it. :)
Not it isn't. Armor of the Sun is Solaire's armor. Go watch IGN's video that showcases some armor and weapons. They label this as the Sunset Armor Set.
I have heard that the armor is attained by completing the questline of Sirri. Needs conformation.




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You get it by being summoned by Sirris outside the Curse-Rotted Greatwood fog after defeating Aldrich. If you help her and then reload the area the armor is laying by the altar.
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Armor didn't drop nor is it sold by the handmaiden in my run where I have made Sirris hostile.
after having made it to the pit (through cage escort process) and killed Hodrick, no loot was dropped; i then reloaded the area to see if i could return to some loot, but i was incapable of returning to the pit once Hodrick was already killed, so i inded up defeating the tree boss, still no loot too be found within the pit.

(handmaiden also doesn't have it in stock, also have not gotten far enough on this character to see if the questline is still available for me after having killed Hodrick already)
You need to get to the point where She swears fealty to you.
The def you get is pretty high and the armor not that heavy

You have to complete the siris questline, once you have done this, reload the area and the set will spawn next to the pit of hollows bonefire.

P.s Killing hodrick before fully completing siris quest will not get you the set.
What if you kill the curse rotted great wood, then help sirris with her invasion?

Cause I did this and now hes no longer in the pit of hollows.
I killed him early so when he gives you the mound-maker covenant item to see what he'd drop or if his armor would be sold at the shrine maiden and it was not, all he dropped was a homeward bone and said "My family...... Little sirris" even though I killed him sirris had no new dialogue from her first time visiting me.
I did the same as u and got the same result. Where do I get his shield?
only because the helmet has a conical shape doesn't mean that this set is related to that of Huntorias
... What?

Who the hell is Huntorias?

And what do you mean by "morion"?

This just made me confused.
abyss watcher =artorias+bloodborne hunter...morion is a type of helmet
its thought that hodrick died trying to become an abyss watcher and that is the dreamchasers ashes you find at the old wolf bonfire and that he is the hand maiden at firelinks husband and sirris grandfather so yeah he may be associated with artorias and the abyss watchers