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It is said they fought legions of demons, long, long ago... born from the shadow of the Flame, in the ruins of an forsaken city.
Yet, they seems to be... as savage, and brutal as these demons.

Anyhow, these knights, or what's left of them... are powerful foes, and you should not treat them like any others.
For their swords are blessed by their Fallen Lord... And their Faith in him, still unbreakable.

If you ever cross the road of one of these Dark Knights, wandering in these misshapen lands... You might want to run, unkindled.
Not the shadow of THE flame, but the demons came from the witches attempt to remake the first flame.
As of now, i'm guessing twinkling titanite is what we'll use to upgrade them. It's what was used in the prior games.
Yeah it is
My favourite weapon from DkS1, it's back!
the movest isnt that good for pvp, but the high enough poise+ still being fast enough rocks
Weapon now has 302 base damage at level 5, 271 at 4
needs to be updated
They can also be looted from the Black Knight in the Crucifixion forest
Nah he drops the ultra Greatsword.
This weapon is way better than the Claymore
Its basically the upgrade



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expect buffed claymore to do about the same damage.
I just hit mid game or so and decided to test out a bunch of weapons to see what I want to upgrade next. I got around to this thing and was blown away... By comparison, it's speed vs. damage vs. moveset seems incredible. Can anyone testify as to whether this is worth upgrading?
Yes this was my first +5 in first play through good all arounder for pve


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I 1shot people when i parry with this +5 and the leo ring. It does like 1500dmg with 40/40 str/dex. You cant buff it though so be ok with that.
Make White Soapstones Small Again
Absolutely! It does a ton of damage at +5!