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Skill Darkmoon Arrow can pierce through shield? Time to cheese through the game. Ehehehe.
Projectiles are incredibly slow in this game, quite sad; in DS2 it was great. :'(
More than likely you would only be able to cheese enemies who rely on their shields.
Regular Longbow's skill pierce through shield too (with no magic but more damage)
Time for Bowman like us to rule PvP ... at least a little bit ...



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Very weird scaling for its weapon type.
Not really, it's Gwyndolin's bow. A magic user and master of sorcery, naturally his bow would reflect that.
didn't it scale on faith in DS1 tho?
Always nice to have

will save me from spending all my FP on mobs

or when invading~
I can't use feather arrows for this bow I'm confused ??
I like how the skill description sounds really cool, but then it turns out to be exactly like any other bow's power shot.
I have this, but the weapon art is just like a regular longbow. Am i missing something? do i need the moonlight arrows for this to work? where do the sell them?
"Infuse a readied arrow with Darkmoon essence" darkmoon essence, seriously extremely poor animation, could have been MUCH more..
I can't wait to get my hands on this on NG+, I wonder if it's battle art wiwll let me use it like Gwyndolin
Apparently it doesn't
I don't know if it's just this bow or if it's all bows, but I can curve my arrows mid-flight if I aim at where I want the arrow to hit and then move the crosshair as I'm pulling the string to fire.
I think you need to word your comment better, because what you're essentially saying is "Wow! I aim at one spot, but then I aim somewhere else while I draw my bow, and the arrow goes someplace else!"