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Is there no way to obtain/farm these offline?
The covenants are mainly for online play options but they are gimping offline play with the rewards for it
I found some off the knight enemies in Lothric castle but man the drop rates for all these covenant items are terrible even with drop rate increase items and consumables.
Its about 1 in 30, same goes for other covenant farming items.
Why would they reward a covenant meant for cooperation and assisting other for invading and slaying those who would be your summoner, it is like spitting in solaire's face.
It's for and cam a when cool is slow they learned from dks 1
End game
I hope it's a glitch or something because we can't have ruthless invaders joining the ranks of our jolly cooperating covenant
Coop not cool...the typos are real


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You're cooperating with your fellow invaders.
Umm gwyns firstborn was the GOD OF WAR so sick it bro
I'm one of those ones and it's really nice killing peeps my sun is tainted with the blood of others
I found a easy boss to farm medals is the Deacons of The Deep. The Boss is easy and there is low risk of you or the host dying. Also i was there for an hour to get 30 medals and to connect online it only took about 20 seconds between summons.
i farmed them at coop curse-rotted greatwood boss, easy going and i got my 20 medals in about an hour
Easier at Yhorm.
you can get them if you have the convent equ and invade
Or do coop
Does your rank reset between NG and NG+ ? i'd really like to get the miracle, but i don't wanna farm up 30 medals and i've finished the whole game already :O
no you still keep all your spells in ng+
I figured that would be what this page told us...... apparently not.
Hey I'm down
Is there somebody who would like to duplicate these covenant items?
I'm down