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Cannot be used on Black Knight Greatsword
anyone know how long this buff lasts?
like 2 minutes


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The base duration of this spell is around 90 seconds and the Ring increase the duration for an extra 20-25 seconds.
While Great Swamp Ring and Witch's ring did not seem to affect it.
I did some quick test, so I may be wrong.
Far as I know, the Great Swamp/Wich rings (or similar for sorcerery/miracles) only buff offensive abilities. Defensive abilities are not boosted by them.
Help me ! I'm assassin
Did you make sure to have 10 int and faith? Because those are the prerequisites.
does it work with weapons infused with sharp, raw etc?
Regular, Heavy, Sharp, Raw, Refined, Hollow. Those are the only ones where you can buff.


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Yes, it can.
be used on special weapons. such as boss weapons, special weapons (twinkling titanite)
Would this affect bows at all if they are in your right hand?


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I just tried with my long bow and it didn't work


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Anyone know what damage it gives with a +10 pyromancy flame?
Also wondering the same. Anyone test yet?
Adds 189 Firedamage with a +10 Pyromancy Flame and 40/40 Int/Faith



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doesn't seem to scale directly with pyromancy flame, but benefits from spell buff(which increases a lot less than fire damage per reinfrcement). going from 0 to +3 gave me flat 3 points of damage, that's adequate only to spellbuff increase.