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Does anyone know how to get this?
When you get to the catacombs fight your way across the first bridge where you will defeat a robed skeleton with red eyes. After that head up to the left where that Archer is at then proceed down the ladder behind him. When you get to the next room there should be another skeleton in a robe go slash the walls on the right side of that room and there will be an illusory wall. Behind thatnwall is the cartjus pyromancy time which u take to the old pyro and he will now be able to teach you thisnskill.
Or in the firelink shrine
Here i made you a video.


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My issue now is that I have 2 more tomes that he told me he can't understand and I need a lady to translate it =(
you have to find Kala the witch in irithyl dunge
Does anyone know how to apply this to your weapon? I have all the required stats to use but idk how to apply it to my weapon.
Using this on raw infused weapon works, gonna try the others aswell
Cannot be an infused weapon, has to be a curved sword as far as I know. Works great on exiles greatsword
No, it doesn't need to be a curved sword.
Just like other weapon buffs, you can only cast it on regular weapons (those upgraded by normal titanite). The weapon must also not be ELEMENTAL infused. You can still infuse with physical infusions: heavy, raw, sharp, and refined.


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Green as a lime.
You need the pyromancy gloves every fire aspect buffs need the pyro glove
I found that i could not apply it to a bunch of weapons, it would be greyed out. But for some weapons it would work.
I believe you cannot apply it to infused weapons. I wanted to apply it to an already fire infused weapon but sadly it's not possible. I'm torn between just infusing a weapon or just upgrading a normal one then buffing it with this.
the weapon might not be buff-able, Where did you find the tome for this ??


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spell buffs and item buffs do not function on any weapon that already has a elemental or status effect or any weapons enhanced by twinkling titanites or titanite scales.
Please help -_-
Actually, it also doesn't work on black knight sword and wolf greatsword, which doesn't have special attributes. Looks like it just works on some random weapons and you have to find out which. Just wasted 10k souls.....
i'm pretty sure it works on anything as long as it doesn't have their own special attribute.
It works on the black blade katana that's all I know for sure.
It works with regular weapons that arent infused. Basically anything that gets upgraded with titinite shards and not twinkling or scales. If you have played any other souls game you should know this already.
Does it work on Bossweapons?
some not all
Will the rings that increase pyromancy affect this?
It doesnt, checked damage witth and without ring, same damage in character stats.
Anecdotal, but I believe they do judging by my own playthrough.
With a +10 hand is this better than a normal 95 buff? With only the min req.
You must have the pyromancy glove equipped on your left hand, and your weapon, on your right.
it can not be used on Irithyll Straight Sword


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as it is uniquely infused with frost.