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Where does this lovely come from?
Awesomeness. Thank you.




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It drops from those little quick guys with like cones on their heads found in Undead Settlement or Cathedral of the Deep (the ones who always drop from places).
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The thief guys (with that weird long hood like the thief npc) in the undead settlement


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PLEASE do not add your scaling to the tables, add only the base damage. When the game shows something like xxx + xxx in the equip menu, only the first numbers are the base damage, the second set of numbers (after the +) are the bonus scaling your character gets from his stats.
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this things great as a light, fast side weapon. Ive been wanting to use that quickstep skill, but i dont like knives so i was surprised to see an axe with it
This thing is amazing. I was toying around with different weapons looking for neat synergies for my dex/luck build and came across this thing. It's incredible, hits like a truck, weighs nothing, fast, and gives quickstep. Very unique set of strengths allows some interesting choices if you build around it. I'm thinking of starting a new character just to focus on this thing.
Also worth noting, it seems to have the highest potential hollow infusion scaling of all the weapons I've looked at.
This thing has quickly become my favorite PvE weapon. I say PvE because I haven't gotten the opportunity to smack a player with it since I started upgrading it. It's quick, does some solid damage for such a small weapon and the dagger-style dodge is golden. I'm looking for more weapons that have a dodge like this because as far as I'm concerned it's the best weapon skill in the game.
This Axe* is great. I keep wanting to call it a dagger because it dodges.
Best ***** dagger in the game.
manican claws work pretty nice and have quickstep too
This weapon is great for a sl1 run as it does good damage, can be one handed and let's you quickstep
i have it at +8, refined and it's quite good for PvE and co-op
PvP it kinda sucks because of poor reach though...
I use a +10 hallow thrall axe with my +10 hallow eastern iron shield (skill). So much fun, My primary weapon is Anri's SS, but this weapon allows for a quick and instant change in play style that can make a difference in pvp. I use Farron's ring with it as well and you can quickstep a good bit. I have still yet to ever get a back stab off in PVP with it though. My build is 50 vit, 39 end, 40 luck depraved. I forget the exact dmg I get with this weapon but it is close to 310.


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Its range is absolutely terrible...but its still an axe with quick step which is quite good. Anything that can hit harder than a wet noodle and has quick step just automatically has good value.

I quite like the look of it too.