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Ludwig holyblade
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Praise the Moon
Mine too! High enough stats that only a select few will be able to wield.
Anyone know if this scales with faith?
Judging by the update to its stats, nope it's a mage weapon again.
Aah, you were at my side all along.

My true guiding moonlight.
Ludwig! Give it back to Seath now!



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Sorta disappointed that it does split damage, was hoping it would deal pure magic damage and only scale in INT.

Oh well, still gonna be a beast of a weapon.
They might be trying to get away from pure magic damage because of how good it is
Praise the sun
do you mean the moon?
Don't know much about DkS3 as I don't really wanna spoil myself too much, but is the MLGS buffable again, like at the release of DkS2? I doubt it, but just curious. Planning to make a Str/Int character for my first playthrough, so if anyone also has info on weapon buffs in general, that would be cool. Love having variety with weapon choices, especially with Int or Faith builds.
Buffable lol auto correct.
I have it on my mage build it's nice but the damage is mediocre for pve at 34 intellect n 18 strength this deals way less damage than my buffalo washing pole +10. It's not buffalo either unfortunately.
Thanks, appreciate the reply. That's a bit disappointing :(. Seems BB has definitely raised the bar a little too high for the MLGS haha.
It's more DaS1 design than anything.
I didn't really like DaS2's either, but eh.
Bloodborne had the design the best imo, I was hoping it would be even better than bloodbornes.
lol am i blind or something coz for me they all look the same...
DS2 was my favorite in shape, but i wasn't fond of the opaque blade.
Jesus the one in Bloodborne is not the same sword. It should represent it but it's not the same. These are two different universes.
Yes it is basically the same sword, it's a recurring weapon in most games made by fromsoftware.
It also appears in the Armored Core series as a heated laser blade. Let's stop whining and just enjoy the return of a beloved weapon.
Moonlight sword is older than Dark Souls. It first appeared in FROM SOFTWARE's game King's Field. In Demon's Souls it is called Large Sword of Moonlight.