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By Anonymous
My ears are bleeding after going through the first section of this area.
By Anonymous
If you solely went by Fextralife comments on location pages, you would think the Souls games are among the worst designed games of all time. Nearly every page has people complaining about difficulty. Did y'all forget what game you were playing?
By Anonymous
Seriously some people come here clueless, the land are converging, the kingdoms overlapped over and over, this is what's left of what once was Darkroot Garden and Farron's Keep is Darkroot Basin, which was Olacile before and Drangleic after. You literally have every item from the area: Dusk's Antiquated Set, Dusk Crown, Pharis Hat, Artorias Wolf's Ring and a Black Knight to boot, but you still whine and fall into denial. Go play something else.
By Anonymous
you can still complain if the area's unfun to play
By Anonymous
I really like invading here with Obscuring Ring and a Greatbow. Fire a shot, then move across the map so the arrow comes at them from a completely different direction.
By Anonymous
One of the wettest swamps we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water.
By Anonymous
Why does everyone compare them with chained ogre when these guys are clearly a reskin of Father Gascoine's final phase?)
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