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Fear not the dark, my friend, and let the feast begin.
By Anonymous
ah yes i remember let the feast begin
By Anonymous
what kind of damage does this miracle do? dark or standard
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By DBGT_bh
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This miracle soft cap at maximum damage is @45/45 INT/FAI. For some weird reason you will get a big bonus in damage when your faith reaches 61 .. To make more simple, @45/45 the damage is 700, @45/60 the damage is 708, @45/61 the damage is 733, @45/99 the damage is 753. So the real hard soft cap is @45/61.
By Anonymous
There is also a strange damage increase at 31 FTH. Using the sunless talisman you get 494 DMG at 30/30 INT/FTH and 529 at 30/31 INT/FTH.
By Anonymous
In my pyro build at 40 intelligence 41 faith, I encountered the same strange damage increase from 686 damage at 40/40 to 731 damage at 40/41.
By Anonymous
You say 33 is a big bonus damage? LMAO. And it's even worse compared to 45/60. It's 25. Ahahahahahahaha.
By Anonymous
We all would like to wield it like with farron flashsword, spamming the button until fp runs out.

But then i realise how broken it would be. Superb dark damage + lifesteal + perseverance from talismans. You would always win trades with continuous hp regen per hit, the other enemies or players wouldn't ever win a trade, even if they had perseverance.
By Anonymous
They could make it so ever second or third hot in a said spinning attack or even the last hit if it lands giving other players the chance to trade of the first sweep then dodging the follow ups just an idea
By Anonymous
My take is that the pale "girl in hiding" isn't actually Priscilla or Yorshka but the Painter Girl and that she's a descendant of Priscilla's lineage. I also believe the half-dragon lineage has now been sort of recognised as Gods (if we assume that's the other half) with the Church of Yorshka and a church dedicated to Gwyndolin (Pontiff's Boss Room) being idols of worship or royalty for Irithyll pre-Sullyvahn takeover. Might also explain the whole "Brother Gwyndolin, Father Gwyn" thing from Yorshka if they're branches of the royal/divine family despite clearly not being spawned from Gwyn's Sunlight Love Spear.
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Gwendolyn was born biologically male,but apparently under some sort of moon so be was raised as a girl because I guess those born under that moon were typically female. When Aldrich was devouring Gwendolyn (God of the darkmoon) he dreamed Gwendolyns dreams, where he was born as his true self, a female. Good thing it's all fantasy though, otherwise I'd scream pandering
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Gwyndolin whose lower half is made of serpents, which are imperfect dragons, and is related to the Moon, heavily related to Seth (remember what we get from his tail) who is Priscilla's father, dreams about a "pale girl in hiding" and we know this from a miracle called "lifehunt scythe", both elements proper of Priscilla. Do 2+2, the girl is her and not just that, she is his mother
By Anonymous
Except that we don't know who is the father - nowhere in the game is stated that Seath is Priscilla's father.
By Anonymous
i over leveled at 150, but at that level you can stack FTH and INT to level
50 with a sunless talis +5 and hit 900's on people. You get 267 spell power just for having it boosted that high. I was just doing it 5 minutes ago.
By Anonymous
Miracle for 5000 souls? No thanks but i would gladly pay 50000 souls just for lifehunt scythe from ds1 im sure you guys miss it too
By Anonymous
Ahhh yes... Firekeeper, the best guinea pig
By Anonymous
Really wish this did the 360 spin that Aldrich does. It would be incredibly good when poise-casted in ganks.
By Anonymous
Still got a pretty wide swing though
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