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No way that bastard Aldrich devoured Priscilla!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!!!
Hehehe nice one
Wait sorry I jumped the gun. I saw this before the description was put. I thought he devoured Priscilla because of the name thanks anyway.
Yorshka. I spelled her name wrong hehe


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Well wouldn't the god of the Darkmoon be Gywndolin?
Hmmmm.... Good point, after playing the game and exploring every nook and cranny I can assume that the painted world and the Boreal valley merged into one.... My reasons for this theory is that you NEED a doll to enter the Boreal valley just like the painted world. Now saying this how could it have merged well Pontiff Sulyvahn....... The reason I say this is because the Pontiff is said to be a very powerful sorcerer in both of his weapons referring him as a young sorcerer (profaned greatsword) and a sorcerer with dark intentions which is stated in his greatsword of judgement..... Other similarities is that when you killed Gwyndolin Anor Londo just went dark it never snowed it only snowed in the painted world (just speculation Anor Londo could just be in winter but I doubt it). And about Priscilla that is the biggest mystery because if she is in hiding like the Lifehunt Scythe description says then where is she and who is yorshaka......... To be continued :]
Read the description. He was eating Gwyndolin and had a dream of Priscilla. This is why it's a miracle, not the actual weapon.
You could say he...

...ate out gwyndolin

find Yorshka and rejoice, for you have found your waifu Priscilla
Yay!!!!!! Praise the sun my waifu is there!!!! Thanks bro.
The question remains.... If Prescilla wasn't devoured, what happend to the paint that she resides in?
Yes I know honest mistake. I saw it before the description was put, but now I read it so yeah thanks anyway.
I clicked on this on the transposition page expecting a weapon...
It's a miracle?
They're getting pretty inventive.


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Well if it restores more than 20 hp ... the only decent lifesteal effect was eleum loyce
I don't always dream of young girls, but when I do it's a Miracle
So is this a miracle that temporally summons a weapon to use? or is it more like soul great sword?
it works like a soul greatsword. It quickly summons the weapon, does the move then dissappears.
So does this mean Priscilla's Lord parent was Gwyndolin, not Gwynevere? Or was Gwyndolin just the one who hid her?
Gwyndolin had breasts and snakes for legs so being a mother isn't so farfetched so maybe all the hentai is cannon.
OP didn't say mother, he said parent.
Ahhh yeah... magical nonsense. Mmmm now that's what I'm talking about!
I did say "Parent" for a reason. You're looking for a mother assuming Seath is the father, but we don't even know whether dragons have gender or reproductive organs in the first place. Maybe they have some other method, or maybe Priscilla was created through some magical nonsense. And hey, if Seath was looking to make a child through magical nonsense, who better to turn to than Gwyndolin?
gwyndolin can't be the mother, because gwyndolin is male.

unless of course he did it with a dragon at some point
Souls lore and fan theories on how Priscilla became to be or who her parents were are some the most confusing stuff I have seen and who knows maybe her mom is Gwynevere and Priscilla is one of those 7 holy kids that she raised before throwing her in the painted world or if her Gwyndolin is her dad or whatever he is either way Priscilla is confusing.......but still best wifu
Does this heal based on the user's dark based stat, or on the actual damage dealt? In other words, does this heal less on shield hit and nothing on dodge, or is it always the same amount
What if Priscilla was one of Gwynevere's many children and she had the scithe that aldrich/Gwyndolin needed for something having to do with his power or devouring the other dieties.


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Then it can be assumed he would devour her instead of simply dreaming of her, however I believe it's mentioned in DS1 somewhere (could be wrong) that Gwyndolin knew of Priscilla and her imprisonment (the crows in the Painted World DO drop items for levelling in the Darkmoon after all), so it makes sense Aldrich would gain a dream about her.

Plus Priscilla was not a deity herself, only feared by them
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io ce l'ho 15 centimetri, secondo te e piccolo?
is it just me or is this spell just incredibly weak on top of being 100% useless in combat