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By Anonymous
Why do people hate this weapon so much, it does similar damage to the higher damage swords and can beat almost all the other straight swords at +10 uninfused. and the swords only downside is the faith requirement, but 12 is quite low in early game, so the only classes that cant use it are going to be the mages and assassins. It's also worth noting, this weapon consumes slightly less stamina then the straight sword.
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By Dibsville
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Beating almost all other straight swords at +10 when uninfused is not a great accolade. Raw gems are incredibly easy to get as nearly every hollow soldier and praying hollow at the High Wall of Lothric can drop one, and this thing both uninfused and Raw infused is worse than a Raw Longsword unless you do some min-maxing. So let's do that. Assuming 10 Dexterity and 12 Faith since this has higher Strength scaling than Dex scaling, you need 27 Strength for this weapon to beat a Raw Longsword (311 AR vs 309 AR). However, if you instead brought that 12 Faith down to 10 and brought Strength up to 29, an uninfused Longsword would have 314 AR, beating the Astora Straight Sword's 311 for the exact same stat investment. This gets worse on classes with lower base Faith. This is also not mentioning that you can go lower stats with infusions, with a Sharp Longsword beating this at just 20 Dex with no Strength investment (316 AR), and a Heavy Longsword beating this at 22 Strength (314 AR), while having exceptionally stronger two-handed damage (360 AR versus Astora Straight Sword's 324). Not only can Astora's Straight Sword not match any of these values because scaling has started mattering more than the slight base damage bump at this point, but it ALSO has that 12 Faith requirement tacked on just to really put the nail in the coffin.
This is min-maxing just to beat a basic Raw Longsword that you can get before you even beat Vordt.
The lower stamina thing would at least be a consideration if it mattered, but 18 stamina down from 20 stamina per swing virtually never matters. I've tried to genuinely make the Shortsword work and that has even less stamina cost at 17 per swing, but the lower stamina cost almost never came up in any relevant capacity because these are straight swords that cost next to nothing to swing in the first place. People would already rather use the Lothric Knight Sword over the Longsword despite its EXTRA stamina cost and less damage just due to the slightly extra range, and this thing has virtually no advantage over a regular Longsword except for the negligable stamina cost decrease.
By Anonymous
Just in case some are not aware, during the same patch that made this sword an outclassed pointless weapon, the Broadsword got a buff, and I according to a 100% walkthrough I watched by GheyForGames on Youtube, they state that the buff the raw boardsword gets gives it the same stats that the *** used to have before the nerf. I'm personally not a big fan of the boardsword because of the range and moveset, but its got the same WA and is literally found on the other side of the same room that you find the *** and can easily carry you through the first half of the game PvE. So they basically just switched the damage values in the patch between these two weapons. A +10 raw Boardsword has a 322 AR and has no faith requirement, just 10 str and 10 dex.
By Anonymous
The wiki says it was nerfed, but in which way? It used to do more damage or it scaled better?
By Anonymous
Yes it used to do more damage and scale better. It was nerfed to the point it is no longer considered a good weapon because with a raw infusion (or any other infusion) it is now totally out damaged by other SSs. However, at the same time the *** got nerfed, the Boardsword that you find in the same room got buffed, so the raw boardsword now does around the same damage that the *** did before the patch, and the boardsword does not have a faith requirement. Issue is that the boardsword has a crappy moveset and poor range.
By Anonymous
It was nerfed in terms of raw infusions (actually all infusions). Before the patch the Astora SS with a raw infusion gave it an AR of 142, and 322 at +10. Because you get this and a raw gem within the first 30-40 minutes of the game, it was ideal for speed running, with the nerf the raw astora is now only 133 AR and does not even hit the 300 AR mark when fully upgraded. However, the Broadsword switched places in stats in the same patch, giving it the same stats as the Astora used to have, 322 at +10 (which is interesting because the Boardsword and *** are found in the same structure almost in view of one another and only has a 10/10 str/dex requirement, no need for the 12 faith). So for some reason they decided to switch values between the two weapons in the same patch. I would have been fine with it except that the Boardsword does not have good range and does not have as good a moveset, no thrusting attack, which is a total bummer. So yes, it used to do more damage and scale better, it got nerfed on all infusions making it a completely pointless weapon, but if you don't mind the moveset, you can get the exact same stats that the Astora used to have if you rock the Boardsword as your raw weapon. Hope that helps.
By Anonymous
Why even use this when Anri's SS exists? Low level builds I guess?
By Anonymous
You have to kill Anri to wield it
By Anonymous
Holy **** I'm dumb, how the f* did I never notice the place you get this
I swear I only got to find it because I got the sword in the Cinders Mod and it didn't look like it was added with the mod
By Anonymous
I miss the days where this used to be my go to weapon. I still remember hitting 173 with R1 to enemies at High Wall when infused with raw.
By Anonymous
Honestly not a bad sword. Can get 400+ ar with hollow infusion, has stamina cost equal to the shortsword, and S tier in Fashion Souls.
By Anonymous
the one good Iooking ss in the game and its terribIe
By Gabriel-NS-
Nah it’s pretty good early game but due to mediocre scaling it’s definitely not as good later on
By Anonymous
MG this ss sucks ***. Like seriously it's the worst all. I was about to assert my dominance with my pkcs but now I feel bad.
By Anonymous
Look out it's pkcs man. I heard that he beat Giant Dad in a 1v1.
By Anonymous
I swear to god, I will beat cindy with a uninfused, unupgraded club to show you that pkcs sin't ****
By Drayelya
Since no one seems to know, this is a quality str/lck weapon. At 40/40 str/lck it rivals Anri’s SS with the same stats and beats out a few others. The “problem” is it’s a QUALITY weapon but, not the kind people wanted, meaning everyone wanted it to scale with faith. The “good ol days” as they say. That being said, as quality weapons go it isn’t bad. It hard caps at 40/40 like others, has over 400 AR, has thrusts and works well as a raw weapon for pure faith builds. Making it a lightning infusion also makes it powerful on pure faith builds, on par with any other straight sword you could use on the same build more or less. As far as Anri’s goes, the only thing Anri’s SS does better is the innate heal and being a non-quality weapon. Ultimately it depends on what you want, quality weapon or pure scaling weapon. Saying Astora’s is bad is like saying the Black Knight weapons are bad because you can get more AR on a different build.
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