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maybe you can also buy it? found his ashes in Irithyll dungeon in a room next to the 6 branding witches.
just checked, you can buy chest, pants, gloves.
Any pictures of the set?
I got this set after killing an invader wearing this it (didn't write down his name, too much action at the time) on Road of Sacrifices in my first playthrough. He invaded near the first Big Crab.
You only get the helmet from that.
Sure, not everyone like yellow overcoat but aesthetically wise, the fashion meter is off the chart imo. Grab any knight set that match the chestpiece and you'll look like a nomad knight from far away. Not to mention the Swordspear has similar colour scheme with it.
This set by itself looks really good, even with the crown because it looks more natural and subdued than the old bright yellow, perfectly oval crown. Also dat overcoat.
I didn't kill Heysel but it did drop off a grub near Rosaria late game
that WAS Heysel



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The counterparts from the other games were really all about how comical they are. This set actually looks baller as *****. Even the crown. But that chest piece, ***** that is beautiful.
Leonhard mentions that "Yellowfinger" may see camaraderie in Rosaria's Fingers, most likely referring to the wearer of this set, as it drops from the worm in Rosaria's Bedchamber.
Not only that but the Slugman in Rosaria's chamber after she died dropped the hat and his pick. Atleast for me.