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By Anonymous
In DS2 you get the Old Leo ring so early and it's so effective that I found myself practically unable to take it off, but I hardly even notice a difference using it in DS3. Once in a blue moon I'll stab an invader for more damage than normal, but it generally seems that the counter window is more exacting in 3
By Anonymous
I'm guessing it only improves physical damage?
By Anonymous
Even more specifically, it's only the thrust damage, so ironically Ornstein's own spear is a relatively poor candidate for using this ring because of the lightning split
By Anonymous
From what I understand all physical is better than split when dealing the same damage so this ring must be pretty good on bloodlust
By Anonymous
dark souls 2 was pretty good
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It had some good ideas but the end product was awful. Somehow they made it even worse in Scholar of the First Sin.
By Anonymous
Both anons in replies need some copium.
By Anonymous
Sounds like you do, anon 3. You're like a raccoon hissing over its precious garbage pile being insulted.
By Anonymous
2 was great, but every major criticism of it is true. I think too many people heard someone say it sucks before playing, and kept that bias as an excuse to give up on it, like the people in 2011 who said Ds1 was "too hard" but in reality they tried to fight the graveyard skeletons for an hour straight, then gave up on the game
By Anonymous
For those who are confused about what is a counter-attack in game wise, just imagine counter-attack as if it is it parry. In parrying, the moment you see opponent starting to strike and you time it to defect his attack. In counter-attack, the moment you see opponent starting to strike and you attack them with a thrust attack.
So for low-poise enemies you might be able to interrupt their attack and successful in a counter-attack, but you will most likely trade hit with high poise enemies. As said, it is not worth it the higher the NG level goes as mostly likely trading a hit will killed you.

Counter-attack is NOT you immediately return a hit at enemy after you blocked or evaded their attack.
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